Palmist Olga S. Pushkin. Predicting death

Not many know, but can simply forget that Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was Sister and certainly not everyone read that it was not very bad medium, versed in physiognomy and was quite strong in palmistry. It was she predicted the death of his beloved brother just by looking at his palm.

Alexander took an active interest in the occult and mysticism, because just could not ask his sister Olga, known in his hobby. She guessed well the nature of man and, in most cases, could at first glance tell you very much about his fate, as well as a glimpse into the near future.

At some point, suddenly realizing just how much she can predict the future, Olga S. Pushkin Pavlischeva became relevant to his passion more seriously since admitted that seeing the fate of the individual, especially when it ended tragically, it was very hard.

That's why Aleksndr S. was incredibly insistent saying that palmistry — it's just an idle amusement, the predictions of which he is not believed.

Olga refuses to take a lot of days, but Pushkin claimed, saying that otherwise seek help from gipsies, who not only did it get ripped off, so more and navrut with three boxes, and my sister and money and will not necessarily tell the truth. As a result, Olga gave up and took the hand of Alexander.

She stared intently at the line on the palm of his hand, repeatedly returning to certain areas, as if to make sure, and then suddenly burst into tears, kissed the palm of his brother and wanted to leave. Alexander stopped her and asked her to tell everyone she saw. After much hesitation, she decided to Alexander and said:

— I must confess that incredibly afraid for you. You face a heavy death in middle age, because old age you will not live!

Pushkin would normally something witty, but could not utter a word. He kissed Olga and left completely depressed.

A little later he was referring to the most famous fortune teller that time Alexander Filippovne Kirkgof and she said exactly the same thing. As everyone knows, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was killed in a duel in 1837.

Olga for continuously violated this vow: not to guess relatives, even just once, too, and regretted it. It was a lieutenant A.G.Baturin. He also jokes, persuasion and persistence led to Pushkin-Pavlischeva look into his palm and she also predicted the death of him. Violent and very fast. Buchanan did not believe it, saying that at the moment there is no war, and from the Caucasus, where periodically there is a hassle it away. Goodbye to everyone and left.

Just 2 days, went on duty in the regiment, he was stabbed to death in barracks enraged soldier who just mixed it up with another.

Upon learning of the death of a relative Olga made a vow never to guess. She kept her vow.


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