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"Kaliningrad's true," 09.04.2004, Kaliningrad, n67, p.13

Yury Ziryanov

_ * Natural phenomena are not easy to explain, especially if they are dangerous _ *

On the map of the world have such names from which involuntarily shudder, "Hill of the Dead," "Swamp Devil", "Gorge of Death" … And each of these places is fanned by many mysterious legends that tell not just accidental death unwary traveler and the deaths of mysterious and unexplained.

In fact, these names were once (and still are) the same purpose as a warning sign on a transformer box: "Do not get — kill!" Mountain of dead … As translated from the language of the Mansi Holat Sjahyl — the name of the height of the Northern Urals. From time to time, it reaffirms their right to such a gloomy name. Members and now talk about an incident that happened here. February 2, 1959 on the side of "Mountains Dead" set camp a group of tourists from the Ural Polytechnic University. A few days later they were found dead. The causes of the tragedy are not clear so far.

In an attempt to explain the death of nine experienced hikers put forward a variety of versions — from a fireball flew into the tent to the harmful effects of UFOs. And suppose that the guys went to the area where the tests were conducted secret "vacuum weapons." The fact that the victims observed a strange reddish tinge to the skin, the presence of internal injuries and bleeding. Those signs should be observed in the defeat "vacuum bombs", which creates a strong vacuum air over a large area. On the periphery of the zone, the person of the internal pressure burst blood vessels, and in the midst of the body is broken apart. Neither version has not been confirmed.

Researchers believe the phenomena that the geographical point of wearing "fatal" title, most likely, are anomalous zones with unusual natural phenomena. Riddles of some of these areas are explained. For example, one is not surprised "drifts" white bone stuck in Kamchatka "Valley of Death", located on the territory of the reserve Kronotsk. Scientists have determined that the cause of strange at first glance, the death of birds, wolverines and even bears are sometimes evolved from terrestrial volcanic fissures cyanide gases that cause paralysis of the respiratory organs. However, not everyone is so easy to understand explanation. Take, for example, the Yakut "Valley of Death" in the upper reaches of the river Viluy. Its secret lies in the strange metal hemispheres protruding here and there from the permafrost. If the brave dare to spend the night near such a facility, according to legend, it inevitably stalked unexplained death, reminiscent of (the modern view) death from radiation poisoning. But where in Yakutia as a powerful natural radiation? After a thorough geological surveys carried out in those areas did not reveal anything like that.

Not accidentally walks and notoriety of the "Valley of Death" in the Chinese province of Sichuan. In the summer of 1950 there was gone without a trace about a hundred people, and for no apparent reason, the plane crashed. In 1962, the valley has collected another "crop" of the victims. Survivor conductor, who accompanied the caravan of geologists, so then described Events: "As soon as the vanguard entered the gorge, his thick fog enveloped. Obscure sounds were heard, and when the veil dissipated in place was empty …" Scientists recently projectile expedition to the "Sichuan anomalous zone", said: blame — saturated evaporation of rotting plants, from which a person begins to choke, disoriented and eventually die in the deep clefts, which are abundant in the surroundings. But other researchers are convinced that it is — only the appearance of "clues" and the original "roots" of all incidents — in an extremely strong magnetic field of the valley. "After all, the same characteristic features another Chinese" Valley of Death ", located in the mountains Chanbayshanskih Jilin Province. And it is not known why the aircraft fall, people disappear. From there, it happened, did not return even the most experienced hunters, ginseng, knowing the local mountains at their fingertips. torn in places, "going crazy" a compass, and people fall into a strange state, when memory loss and orientation. Wayfarers, if bewitched, circling almost at the same place and can not find the right path.

Basically understand the danger that lurks in the American people, "Death Valley" in California. This is a huge, flat, lifeless clay plateau — the hottest place on Earth. The desert! .. Here and there are scattered boulders on it, to look at the most common, the size of a soccer ball up to half a ton of weight. These stones and asked scientists to puzzle over which they are fighting in vain for decades. The fact that the stones mysteriously … moved, leaving a clear sign of movement. Something similar occurs sometimes in Russia.


Famous, for example, Xin-stone — the legendary boulder, located near the village of Castle under Pereslavl. If you believe the folklore, live in it a spirit, fulfilling dreams and desires. At the beginning of the XVII century church joined in the fight with the pagan relic. Deacon Pereslavl Semenovskoy church Annufriy ordered to dig a big hole and throw it in the Hsin-stone. But after a few years boulder "got" out of the ground. After 150 years, the authorities Pereslavl thought up to lay the foundation stone of the bell tower. It was loaded onto the sleigh and drove across the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva. ICE kicked in, and Xin-stone sank to a depth of five meters. But … Soon the fishermen began to notice that the boulder is moved slowly along the bottom. After half a century, he was on the shore at the foot of the mountain Yarilin, where he lies still. What are the suggestions put forward in this regard?

The mystics say that here and think of nothing — a "wandering rocks" settled otherworldly entities. As a proof of his innocence such people bring the sensational story, which had taken place in Britain during the Second World War. It was in the county of Essex. From generation to generation there passed the legend of an evil spirit, which supposedly hidden under the earth grown into a granite boulder. And the bulldozer, widen the road, way to turn it aside. The events that led to the fact that in a small village from across the country gathered reporters. As the then magazines and newspapers can find a detailed description of what happened: on the church tower, empty and locked by themselves began to call bells, heavy poles and tools for some reason flew through the air … The frightened village residents have demanded the immediate return of granite in its place, which was done with the relevant ancient magical rituals. Only then stopped doomsday.

Materialists do not recognize the evil forces of the right to life, looking for a more realistic explanation. Among the commonplaces of versions — the impact of rain and wind. The researchers argue, for example, that the stones in the rain slide on clay soil, driven by wind pressure. However, the rains here are rare. Besides the marks from stones, often directed at the prevailing winds there. A group of employees of Hampshire College tried in practice, check out the "rain" function. The soil drench with water, piled on top of a stone chohom, but never moved from his place. Then calculated and it turned out that even in the wet clay friction force is such that the half-ton colossus could "blow away" the wind rushing at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. Such storms, even theoretically, it is hard to …

About the strange and obviously unsafe mystery associated with the "wandering rocks", says in his letter, and Ivan Bakaev from the city of Orsk, Orenburg region: "As a child I was tending sheep in the foothills of the Alatau. Once fell asleep at a huge boulder (weighing up to 10 tons .) woke up because support was gone — a stone "left" three meters, but not down, as you might think, and the top (!) the slope — plowed rocky soil like a plow and stopped. I looked around — no one around, only sheep strayed in a heap, and hovered over the hill a strange fog, thick as milk. In a daze I went there, but fell down and woke up in the morning is the next day in a yurt shepherd Amanzhol. He told me: "No — not a word, and then consider a patient on the head and killed. "He hinted that these boulders (which there were about fifty) were once for another five kilometers down the slope. Amanzhol One (also being as I am, almost a child) pass there sheep. but flew "wash Shayboly" hovered over the hill, and boulders (his children) together went up. then "wash" flew away, and the stones off.

"Wash Shayboly" arrives on the rare earth — told me the old shepherd — and rare stones also go …

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Unknown force stops the car engines and begins to roll them up the slope on a hill near the town of Bacau Megure (north-east of Romania). Locals also claim that from time to time on the top Megure (which means "mound") appears mysterious blue flame.

Similar phenomena are observed on the road five kilometers from the district center Handlar (on the way to Lake Gek-Gel) in western Azerbaijan. The research team from Moscow several times to stop the car on this slope, and she invariably began to roll up, in spite of the law of gravity.

What forces are moving stones and machine against all the laws? Do not they are the cause of mysterious deaths in these areas?

The researchers of this issue has yet to have your say …
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