PC Efficiency evaluated the cost-effectiveness of passenger trains.

The new version of the software package "Efficiency" — a product of "IntelLeks" — allows marketers Federal Passenger Company to obtain estimates of the effectiveness of long-distance trains in the new economic conditions, economic FPC. First quarter results are obtained with the use of a new technique and software.


Monitoring the effectiveness of long distance passenger traffic has always been critical to the adoption of quality management decisions in the organization of passenger transport. Structural reform of the railway sector has created the need for new methods of evaluating the effectiveness of long-distance transport, corresponding to the new economic situation, in which there was real contact. After the company's transition to an independent economic activity, a new system of relations between JSC "FPK" and JSC "Russian Railways", as the owner of the infrastructure. Stood out and went into the external costs of the locomotive and infrastructure components, the structure of their own costs FPC, so that the transportation efficiency has become a critical factor in the success of the company.

The software package "Efficiency" was launched into operation c 2012 based on the methodology established by Department of Economics VNIIZhT with the active participation of specialists of "IntelLeks" (as part of the testing with the use of large-scale calculations.) Report on the effectiveness of passenger trains plying in Q1 has been prepared using the new system.

Project Manager — Head of web-based applications JSC "IntelLeks" Leonid Maksimenko more than 10 years developing the automated calculation efficiency of passenger transport, railway transport.

"ARM" Efficiency "is implementing a new method of valuation adopted in FPC at the end of last year, and gives professionals the opportunity to receive information FPK as by train and on certain groups of wagons, — commented on the development of Leonid Maksimenko. — The analysis of the quantitative and qualitative performance of the trains, the cost structure and the ability to assess the impact of each component (infrastructure, locomotives and wagons) to the financial result enables informed management decisions for their optimization.

In the new AWP for the first time a mechanism for calculating the efficiency of wagon groups of direct communication. [1] Prior to this, these calculations could not produce, as used in the reported data ASU "Express-3" does not contain direct information about perepritsepkah groups. As a consequence, there were distortions in the assessment of the economic efficiency of trains involved in the promotion of such cars.

"In order to solve this problem — says Leonid Maksimenko, — In Armagh has developed a universal model describing the detail with the necessary routes and train schedules, trailers and direct groups of cars. This model allowed us to accurately separate work group on trains direct route, to calculate its performance within each of the following trains separately and on the route as a whole. "

Commended the work of the new ARMom give the employees themselves FPC. "For the first time since joining FPC for independent economic activity, our specialists have a picture that best reflects the realities of the new economic conditions," — commented on the results of the first experiment using the new methodology Head of Marketing FPK Vera Milevskaya.

Recall that the October 20, 2011 Vice-President of OAO "Russian Railways", General Director Mikhail Akulov FPC adopted a new methodology for assessing the cost-effectiveness of long-distance trains, VNIIZhT developed jointly with JSC "IntelLeks", and from January 1, 2012 began its practical application in the FIC.


Press releases on the topic:

Agreed new technique evaluation efficiency passenger Train.


The company "IntelLeks" (www.intellex.ru) Is a leader in the market of software development in the field of transport logistics (IT Logistics), is a developer of automated ETRAN, which are made 100% of rail freight in Russia. The company "IntelLeks" several times been awarded the "Partner of the Open Joint Stock Company" Russian Railways "in the nomination" The best supplier of IT solutions, "and in 2007 was nominated for the award" Golden Chariot "in the" Project of the Year of Russian transport industry. "

JSC "Federal Passenger Company" established according to the program of structural reforms in railway transport, 1 aprelya2010 city and is a subsidiary of OAO "Russian Railways". The absolute leader in the market of transport services for passengers in the long-distance trains. The company's share in total passenger traffic of all kinds of long-distance transport in the domestic traffic of more than 60%. Each year, the company's services — used by more than 100 million people. The property of "FIC" about 23,000 cars, which run as part of a 1200 long-distance trains. The total staff of more than 85,000 people.


[1] The car direct message — it's a passenger car, which when following a route perepritseplyayut between several trains. These cars are used by more than 150 destinations, where passenger traffic is not sufficient to assign individual train or undergo seasonal decline.

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