Pentagons non-lethal weapon?

A worldwide network of Web got a very fascinating document of the military department of the United States of America, which was initially developed for internal use in the government and which included data on the development of some kind of weapon, named "non-lethal". It was assumed that it must be used for the destruction of enemies, and to establish control over them.

The list was posted on the Web site of "social intelligence" which previously possessed by their pages the South American government classified documents related to the provision of state security.

This list contains within itself more hundreds of pages, which is a description of a huge number of different kinds of tools, among which and systems using sound waves, thermal rays and even lasers that can be used not only to disperse the weight, and disorient the enemy's combat vehicles .

The paper presents not only detailed descriptions, and suggestions for improvement as already existing tools, and plans to develop a completely new technology, which could previously be read only in science fiction literature.

Need to see that some ideas are very similar to breathtaking tool, Take, for example, from a book by the Strugatsky brothers "Inhabited Island" — the book, in what authorities influenced the consciousness of the inhabitants by means of radiation.

Experts say that similar list published for commercial purposes pursued by South American military establishment, and which requires large monetary investments. Has the submitted document is one of the departments of the Pentagon, received the title of the Joint Administration of non-lethal weapons. Recall that the activity of this structure more than once been criticized for excessive waste of resources for projects that were never completed.

The date of the creation of this organization was in 1996 (the organization was created after the war in Bosnia and Somalia). The main purpose of its creation was to ensure the supply of the armed forces of the United States of non-lethal weapon. After 13 years of operation, in 2009, the management of the Office provided a report according to which in the course of the 50 studies were spent around 400 million dollars, but to provide a new kind of weapon the agency and failed.

According to James Lewis, a professional on the military technology of the Center for Strategic and international research, the structure is set up in order to come up with a new way to deal with an opponent without the use of tried and tested methods of old times, such as explosives. While the belief that the new instrument will be created, no, but posted a list is proof that development in this direction are underway.

Even despite the fact that the management has not been able to justify the need for its own existence, the military practice clearly indicates that South American army needs specifically in this, lethal, weapons.

So, for example, during a military mission in Iraq, the more frequent the problem, which appeared in the American military was the need to introduce firearms, even in the case where not only the Iraqi insurgents, and peaceful Iraqi population was trying to pass checkpoints not responding to the demands to stop.

Adverse actions of non-lethal weapons

Housed guide not only provided the properties of all such tools, the ability of its strategic implementation, and outlined the possible adverse actions of its implementation.

So, for example, when using an underwater pulse cannon against the enemy divers, there is a sound wave that has a bad effect on a person's hearing, instantly causing nausea and complete disorientation in space.

For comparison, in the same film "Inhabited Island" residents who are not subject to radiation exposure experienced hellish physical pain.

It is understood that introduction similar pulse cannon, located at the development stage, may be to the underwater flora and fauna.

The document in question and even more exciting as a weapon, for example, modification of the laser flux. If you believe him, then laser can be fully used if necessary to damage the aerodynamic flow around the plane of the enemy, forcing him up to change direction.

The list provides information about such developments as devices capable of acting on the muscular system of people with an electronic pulse and equipped with microwaves drones that can cause interruptions of electricity in marine vessels. Also described and portable systems capable of emitting microwaves, and with the help of their technique to stop the enemy, as a system, using which people develop a sense of unholy heat, with the result that they are required to move to another location.

In general, the Pentagon prefer otmalivatsya about whether the document is genuine or just only a skillful fake.

Moreover, It is clear that the Pentagon has long been conducting tests of laser guns, during which it was confirmed that a similar tool fully capable of destroying the real goal. Similar studies on the application of lasers in combat criteria have been conducted since the 1970s, with the most first standards were languishing in their own based on chemical lasers pumped, resulting in unsafe acts which were allocated to the health gases.

In the last few years, most work has been focused on improvement of laser guns, in which have been used small-sized optical radiation generators like structure with the introduction of light-emitting diodes.

Such a type of laser to the nearest time was used only in anti-missile defense systems, also with the aim to defeat ground targets. But after using the laser itself was destroyed used as a target ship, it became clear that a similar instrument has a much greater capacity.

With regard to the introduction of non-lethal laser weapon, his back in 2010, started to use in places of imprisonment to inhibit the likely rebellion of prisoners.

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