Peregrine has left thousands of Brits without cellular


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The company's engineers "Vodafone" — the largest in the world by revenue cellular operator — found the cause of loss of signal in the northern districts of the city of Southampton. As it turned out, the thing Peregrine Falcons who made a nest in one of the transmitters.

Repair the faulty equipment can not be as stringent British laws on the protection of wildlife forbid them to disturb the bird. Bird watchers warn that the peregrine falcon chicks can not leave the nest until June, says "Daily Echo".

According to the official representative of the "Vodafone", the company's specialists are in constant contact with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the state organization Natural England, which is responsible for the preservation of flora and fauna in the country. The company promises to do everything possible to restore the cellular signal transduction, will not be disturbed while the peregrine falcon.

Local residents have an opinion on that. "I was in had no idea what kind of bird is able to leave me without the Internet and mobile communications," — says the woman, whose signal was lost as early as Tuesday. — "And my husband thinks it is — a damn good excuse on their part, are much better than what they usually dream up."

Violation of the law on the protection of wildlife and landscape regarding Peregrine entails a fine of 5,000 pounds for each offense or imprisonment for up to six months.

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