Permian Ghostbusters found intelligent life in the abandoned mining village

December 1, 2012 2:37

Detected by special devices spherical objects behave as rational beings.

Permian Ghostbusters found intelligent life in the abandoned mining village
Jubilee Gremyachinskoe settlement in Perm region of unidentified hunters have long known. Founded in the middle of the last century as a mining settlement, it began to die out after mine closure Kizel coalfield. Of the dozens of apartment buildings of the village people live in only a few. The rest, including the school, a cultural center and shops, windows gape empty eyes, and around a bleak landscape of the Ural taiga …

 — History of unusual phenomena occurring in abandoned houses Jubilee, said one tourist who stopped there for the night this summer — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Permian ufologist Nikolay Subbotin. — More he did not specify, but hinted that mysticism there at night enough. Refers to this story seriously, of course, difficult. But from experience we know that the old house is usually kept the imprint of some mystery.
Perm ufologists from society RUFORS week ago made an expedition to the Jubilee, which witnessed unusual events in one of the abandoned houses of the village. They set the camera to shoot in the infrared range, in an apartment on the fifth floor of an unoccupied building, while they themselves are located two floors below. Recording was carried out in an hour. As a result of her Ghostbusters saw "a lot of moving spherical objects that flew in front of the camera, changed the trajectory and act like rational beings."

Energy clusters behaved like rational beings.
Photo: courtesy of Nikolai Subbotin

— We used a special infrared scanner — continues Nikolay Subbotin. — This design is the know-how, based on research and statistical data gathered by our research group for the last 20 years studying the anomalous zones. The principle of this device, developed by us, are used by many research groups in Russia and abroad.
According to ufologist, the device scans the space in daiapazone infrared and ultraviolet spectra, converting the received signals into sound. Thus, the operator can hear the invisible, which most often appear abnormal phenomena.
— Spherical nature of the objects found in the Jubilee, I still can not explain — says ufologist. — We gave the recording to analyze the various experts, expect results. This can be anything from a completely terrestrial geological anomalies associated with faults and mines, at places which are often observed output energy flows, to have a reasonable energy-life, which is described by many scientists — Vernadsky, Assumption and others.
Reasonableness of the behavior of these "energy balls" was, according to Nikolai Subbotin, in any change in trajectory.
— On some frames can be seen that the "balls" turn in flight, — he says. — Causes symptoms of abnormal activity in a particular location tends to remain a mystery.
Ghost hunters until recently were not confident in the success of the expedition, the resulting material is now considered very valuable and will be devoted to a trip to Jubilee series pilot of his new TV project "Hunters for the unknown."
Soon Permian Ghostbusters are going to start looking for ghosts in an abandoned military base in Adischevo.

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