Petroplasma — plasma cleaning of metals. From nanowires to gas pipes.

In addition to the news about the new project RUSNANO's investment in the venture for the production of high-strength wire for nanotechnology.
Was asked to speak, and what has been done so far.

Already works JSC "protoplasm", a subsidiary of "Tervingo", which developed plasma arc technology.

The essence of technology is that to remove rust and dirt from metal surfaces are used are not mechanical or chemical methods, and ultra-short ultra-powerful plasma discharge, resulting in the contamination of extraneous gases and vaporized, and the molecules of the metal, on the contrary, is formed on the surface of the cleaned product and hyperfine heavy-duty foil, protecting it in the future corrosion and zagryazeneny. Details about the technology.


Electric arc plasma technology is used:

— Cleaning rod and wire from the oxides;
— To clean the pipes of any diameter of the inside and outside for the application of protective coatings or further processing;
— Cleaning of hot-rolled steel strips and sheets for the subsequent cold rolling and hot-dip galvanizing;
— For cleaning metal products used in the oil industry (pipe tubing, sucker rods, couplings, etc.) and machine-building plants (metal products, forgings, castings, etc.);
— Cleaning of welding wire;
— To clean the foil and thin strips;
— For manual and robotic cleaning bulky items (ships, bridges, farms, etc). And repair of pipelines in field conditions.

VIDEO — looks like a plasma arc processing of wire rod and wire.

The assets of JSC "Petroplasma":
— Development of systems for cleaning strips for carbon and stainless steel (for SMS Demag, 2004);
— Design and manufacturing of equipment for purifying the whole nomenlatury rod manufactured at the enterprises WDI, Germany (2006);
— The development of equipment for the surface of the plasma clearance of low-carbon, high carbon, low-alloy, high alloy steels and alloys (for OKAS ArcelorMittal, 2009);
— The development of equipment for the purification of small-and medium-diameter (16 to 159 mm) of low-carbon, high carbon, low-alloy, high-alloy steel and splavovs outer and inner surfaces of the full length (for "Seversky Pipe Plant" 2009-2010 years);
— Production of prototype equipment for the purification of plasma arc gas pipelines in field conditions (for JSC "Gazprom", 2010) (publication)

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