Photographic floods in the north-eastern U.S.

The highway 42 near the water in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. (Bloomsburg Press Enterprise / Jimmy May)

Floods caused by heavy rains have led to the evacuation of more than 100 thousand people in the north-eastern United States. Was paralyzed traffic on many highways, disrupted rail service. Hardest-hit residents in the central regions of Pennsylvania. Flooding has killed at least three people.

In the north-eastern states of the U.S. have affected the echoes of tropical storm "Lee." This storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico and brought to the coast of tornadoes, heavy rain and strong wind. In the southern areas of the U.S. were destroyed hundreds of homes, thousands of people were without electricity.

Difficult situation in the north-east of the country worsens, the region still has not recovered from the effects of Hurricane "Irene" hit the East Coast in late August and caused flooding.

Rob Hewitt in the canoe against waterlogged buildings in Port Deposit, Maryland, where the banks left the Susquehanna River. (AP / Patrick Semansky)

Mario Ortiz in flood waters near his home in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (AP / Matt Rourke)

Rescuers return after evacuation Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson. (AP / Alex Brandon)

People on the bridge-Shikshinni Mokanakua across the river in Shikshinni Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. The rising level of the river was threatening the main and secondary routes, and on Friday in Harrisburg river rose up to 8 meters, 1.83 meters above the danger level. (Bloomsburg Press Enterprise / Jimmy May)

Three rowers in kayaks in the flood waters of the Susquehanna River at the site of a former parking lot of a supermarket in Shikshinni. (Bloomsburg Press Enterprise / Jimmy May)

Michael Groff is pumping water from the basement of his home in York, Pennsylvania. (York Daily Record / Jason Plotkin)


Vern and his wife Cindy Testerman on a flooded highway 616 north of York. (York Daily Record / Jason Plotkin)

Waterlogged homes after water levels in the river Susquehanna River in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. (AP / Matt Rourke)

Rich MakDeyv, Chad Bowman, Deb Bowman and Rebecca Cummings in the boat after the assistance provided by Rob Jackson to save valuables from the house of his deceased parents, in Goldsboro, Pennsylvania. (York Daily Record / Chris Dunn)

John Bowman (left) with his father Johnny, a senior on the flooded streets of Port Deposit, Maryland. Johnny Sr. helped his son move valuables to upper floors of the house before evacuating. (AP / Patrick Semansky)


People watching the rising water level in the river Susquehanna River in Port Deposit. (AP / Patrick Semansky)

Planes west runway airport Bloomberg, Pennsylvania. The rising waters of the Susquehanna River continued to cover the airport. (Bloomsburg Press Enterprise / Jimmy May)


Tap water destroyed highway near Bullfrog Valley Road in Middletown, Pennsylvania. (The Patriot-News / Sean Simmers)

Larry Gardner looking boat ramp on Front Street in Vormlisberge, Pennsylvania. (The Patriot-News / Joe Hermitt)

The workers of the company «Amtrak» Nathan Sutton and Robbie Grogan go to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Highway 83. (The Patriot-News / Sean Simmers)

Don Johnson assesses the damage from flooding in the streets of Front and Market Street in Harrisburg. (The Patriot-News / John C. Whitehead)

Members of the National Guard, West Pittston save people of the flood. (The Citizens' Voice / Ralph Francello)

Sergeant Alex Pell-Kline rescues Tiffany Horner from her home on Lucerne Avenue in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. (The Citizens' Voice / Ralph Francello)


The soldiers of the National Guard of Pennsylvania, and a police officer saves man in West Pittston. (AP / Matt Rourke)

Flood waters of the Susquehanna River partially flooded home in West Pittston. (AP / Matt Rourke)

Highway 230 and the neighborhood in Lower Svatara, Pennsylvania, after Hurricane Lee. (The Patriot-News / Christine Baker)

Firefighter Justin Chenault rescued Ginger from the flooded residential van in Lower Svatara. (The Patriot-News / Christine Baker)

Residents of Pleynsvill look at the flooded areas from the street Cortright Street. (The Citizens' Voice / Dave Scherbenco)

John Souder on the highway, passing by the water in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. (AP / Matt Rourke)

"Green Bridge" in Montursvill, Pennsylvania, almost hidden water, and the railroad bridge behind him hit by floods a lot stronger. (Williamsport Sun-Gazette / Mark Nance)

Onlookers came to the edge of the bridge, despite the yellow warning ribbon to make the photo floods in Eldred Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. (Williamsport Sun-Gazette / Mark Nance)

An aerial view of the flooded area around the confluence of the West Branch Susquehanna River and the Susquehanna River in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. (Williamsport Sun-Gazette / Mark Nance)

View of the highway segment under water at the entrance to the bridge on Highway 103 through the Mohawk River in the Town s-Glenville, New York. (AP / Hans Pennink)

Most of Highway 103 collapsed in the Mohawk River due to flooding in Glenville. (The Daily Gazette / Peter R. Barber)

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