Plane crash near Yaroslavl. Video


September 7 at 16:00 Tunoshna drove past. The road is full of police — are waiting for the ladies. Suddenly, a flash and smoke above the trees. Took video — was crashed Yak-42 locomotives. The fire was visible from afar.

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7.09.11.MCHS Russia confirms that the crash of the Yak-42 in Yaroslavl region killed 36 people.

"Yak-42 crashed at 2 km from Tuloshna in Yaroslavl. According to preliminary data of the 37 people on board, 36 were killed, "- said the representative of the Russian Emergencies Ministry of Information. , Reports "Interfax".

Meanwhile, according to a source in the Federal Air Transport Agency KP survivors on board the Yak-42 may be more.

On board were the first team HC "Lokomotiv" Yaroslavl, the team followed in Minsk. Information is coming.


Source: KP.RU

An eyewitness account of the situation around Tunoshna which crashed Yak-42

7.09.11.Slushatel "Russian news service" Andrew told me that blocked all sessions and field trips for the route from the airport Tunoshna to Yaroslavl.

"In the direction of the airport moving a large number of machines" first aid "enabled spetssignalami, police, and emergency situations. See the smoke over the airport and fly the helicopter, "- said an eyewitness.

As informs "Interfax" on takeoff near Yaroslavl crashed passenger plane Yak-42. On board was a crew of HC "Lokomotiv". Died in the crash, according to preliminary data, 36 people, one survived.

Source: Russian News Service

The first photos and video from the crash of the Yak-42 near Yaroslavl

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