Plant Breeding Neva — diversified agricultural enterprise

JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" (located near St. Petersburg) was established in 1931. In 2002, the farm was transformed into plant breeding. The company specializes in the cultivation of breeding animals, as well as the production of meat, milk, vegetables and mushrooms.

JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" in 2007, is engaged in the development of the dairy goat. In two stages at the company were brought 833 goats Zaanen breed from the Netherlands and Germany. Currently, the farm contains 1,500 goats. Yields of up to 2.7 liters of goat per day. The farm implements 300-350 heads of pedigree animals a year.

The company also has the status of breeding farm for the breeding of cattle black-and-white breed. At present JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" contains 2,440 head of cattle. Milk yield of cattle — 8500 kg. At the factory introduced the latest technology for milk processing, which allows to produce and sell in the region of 32 kinds of dairy products.

In April 2006, construction started only in the North-West of the complex on the cultivation of mushrooms. At present JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" launched production of 3,500 kg of fresh mushrooms per day. 

The complex breeding pedigree goats intended for 2000 goals, the hall where the milking equipment installed — 72 skotomesta.

The delegation of the Ryazan region, headed by the minister of agriculture in the region, Dmitry Andreev visited JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" near St. Petersburg. The purpose of the visit of guests from Ryazan was meeting with the experience of a business raising and maintenance of breeding goats. Currently, the Ryazan region through "Rosagroleasing", a project to create on the basis of individual farms Khramova AN goat breeding farms on 1,000 dairy goats. Opening farm planned for September 2013.

The total agricultural area JSC "Plant Breeding Neva" is 2285 hectares, including arable land — 2022 ha. The complex produces 25,000 tons of vegetables a year, yielding crops of carrots, 700 kg / ha and potatoes — 400 kg / ha. In addition, the farm cultivated beets, cabbage, turnips, squash, pumpkin, radishes, cucumbers, radishes, turnips, celery, parsley, dill.

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