Plasma world Cities of Gods

November 5, 2011 20:13

Plasma world Cities of Gods

In the northern town of Peru is Pune quite civilized, but, joking its people, long-forgotten gods, because at a distance of 35 miles, on the slopes of High Grade stretches well preserved city of the gods, built by the ancient Incas.

But that few people is honored to wander on the cleared from lush vegetation, scattered sunlight streets, stand under the low arches carved caves in the cliffs, climb on top of crumbled temple pyramids. Entrance into this sacred area gawkers restricted because of fears that might be damaged priceless monuments of the past. Allowed, and then by special government pass, only scientists. They who make discoveries, sometimes sensational, as was the case with Qatar Mamani, was found in a highly mountainous, as he put it, the incredible structure litsepodobnuyu area seven to nine meters.

"The elders of these places, he says, — have told me that they had heard of the existence of the Gate, allowing to penetrate into outrageous worlds, often irreversibly. Rarely returned. Returnees brought with them the absolute knowledge, acquire a personal immortality. I celebrated as those who found the fiery gates, so I got permission from the mayor to the elders, immensely respected here, took part in an elaborate series of experiments, I have the ultimate goal — to prove that the City of Gods — the anomalous zone. My experiences with Gates can think so.

The results Mamani, puzzling. But before you read them, it is useful to note that the scientist used the methodology and tools, similar to those that apply the famous Italian explorer non-traditional forms of life Luciano Bocconi. When traveling from hill to hill portable laboratory equipped with digital cameras and high-definition video equipment, devices, securely registering alpha, beta, gamma radiation, magnetometers, electronic thermometers, photometers, he assembled a stunning collection of natural, identified as surreal, objects, calling them cratered . What does that mean?

To understand the essence of the opening, read an excerpt from an interview with a German reporter Bocconi V.Bemu "Essential life forms recorded by these instruments thinking did not really belong to the three-dimensional reality, strangers to her. They are light and dark, dense and sparse, plasma, cloud and tumanopodobnye. They — the projection of a UFO in our world … Fireballs, a pillar of fire, fiery wheels, much more shimmering and glowing! They undoubtedly interfere technogenic activity of mankind, in its global emotion and intellect. They are everywhere — under the ground, on the ground, above ground, in the near and far space. They apparently ubiquitous correctors of the status quo, which is partly traceable to my film and matrices in the tape recordings of volunteers — contactors, members of my experiments … ".

But similar impressions of Qatar Mamani: "The sky was clear as optical glass. However, when we turned to the elders at the site in front of goal, the air thickened to the color of the sand and began to condense fiery flakes interspersed with flaming balls of the same, after a short time to start making sudden erratic movement. I asked the assistant to hurry with the unpacking and installation of the equipment. Equipment included. And immediately miracles began … ".

What followed, and really amaze anyone. Fireballs began to attack certain litsepodobnuyu structure. This goes on as long as the rock is not covered with soot. It made the water droplets, slightly shimmering like phosphorous. Elders fell down and … fainted. Mamani himself, no matter what, are not able to move. "Between me and these people grew misty barrier, — said the scientist, — minutes dragged like hours, hours like minutes, the elders remained motionless. I still managed with great difficulty to squeeze through the fog. Touched the glowing dew. I was a little burned, his hands pierced strong electrical discharges. It is very scared. I backed away from the cliff. Now go back to the devices interfered quite material, solid wall, beyond which scurried plasmoids … "

The scientist says that everything he saw and felt them at Mount High Mark has turned his former view of the essential world. Cast off the torpor elders, for example, without much surprise told that flung-open gates let them abode ancestors — vast ocean of fire, foaming and pierces weak electrical discharges.

The inhabitants of this world were like translucent crystalline formations saturated blue color, spoke to all the fleeting thoughts of people in a very peculiar, taking any desired shape, in tune with the emotional and spiritual needs.
"This foam-crystalline saturated world of electricity — says Mamani — filled the souls of the elders reverence and fear. When plasmoid touched my shoulder, I realized that the spiritual energy of elders under the influence of the phenomenon has merged with the vacuum energy, has become part of it, which is consistent with modern scientific views.

Mountain High Mark — jack UFO. The UFO phenomenon, in turn, a product of the paradoxes of space, time, and vacuum. I think that the City of the Gods came here not by accident. Without this anomalous area, in all respects, these amazing and unfathomable Gate, there would not be it … "

At night, sending the helicopter elders and assistants with the devices in Puno, Mamani slept under a mosquito net, leaving the included carbide lamp. Holiday was canceled. Awakened fire, humming as power transformers, balls. Scientists would like to put out a flashlight to see better balls. Lantern jumped up. He felt a yellow flame. Powys, he fell near Mamani, incandescent. Started shaped, with nothing comparable magical show. Balls — no less than a hundred — struggled against the rock, where there was a gate, and scattered thousands fasnyh balls.

District poured ominous green light. The rock was then appear and disappear something hazy, bluish, has requested mottled deeply wrinkled old face. Mamani was overcome disappointment. Camcorder at hand was not. Remained until the first rays of the sun listening to the crackling electricity saturated air and looking at the picture of the ghost, waiting for his eyes to "portrait" of the old man's open. They have not opened. At dawn, three large red ball dived into a solitary white cloud. More unusual at Mount High Grade Mamani saw. She feels it was disgusting. Dull pain in the joints for ten days made him reclusive hotel room.

After this expedition scientist engaged in the study of anomalous zones of Peru. "I think back on the High Grade quite often — he writes — I no longer doubt the hostage, and a strong supporter of what the UFO phenomenon is actively forming anomalies. But sometimes they still stable manifest millennia. Often wander in broken time and space, changing the world of humanity. " This view was taken up by American scientists to organize the observation in the City of the Gods and the surrounding area.

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