Plates Darina awarded at the competition 100 best goods of Russia

  • EU DARINA 1D5 241 609 Si
  • EU DARINA 1D5 241 609 Si


  • DARINA 1B EC331 606
  • DARINA 1B EC331 606

In Perm, the awarding ceremony of All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia", which was held under the slogan "Made in Russia". At the competition model stoves Darina "Tchaikovsky plant gas equipment"Take part each year, confirming the title of the best Russian goods. In 2012, the court experts had two plates Darina gas and electric. Models were awarded two prizes.

The first model 1B EC331 606 (3 hotplates, electric cooker with glass-ceramic table) has been awarded a certificate of quality in the "Diploma" and "New Year".

Two awards and was awarded a model GM 141014 (Gas stove, stainless steel), received the award in the category of "winner" and "New Year".

Each year at the "Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant" produced new models of stoves Darina, they are made according to the current demands of our customers.


Manufacturer of household appliances "Darina"At the end of the year will please its customers a new model plate  EU 1D5 241 609 Si a conceptually new design. The new model with glass-ceramic coating will be a great addition of a kitchen, and buyers will be able to appreciate not only external, but also functional characteristics. Plates made of high quality stainless steel material. For convenience and enhanced safety of users of the new model 1D5 EC 241 609 Si plate "Darina"Technology was used Retractable handles and a double-glazed oven door.


There is no need to worry about heating the oven door and accidentally switching plates children or animals. We do everything to make your choice was made in favor of the brand "Darina"Not only today but in the future. 

* Launch of new model EU 1D5 241 609 Si is scheduled for December. Ask plate model in your shops or authorized dealers holding.


Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant — branch of JSC "Gazmash" is only enterprise in Russia for the production of stoves, built in the post-perestroika period, the attraction of foreign capital. The company is equipped with modern equipment of leading European companies and manufactures a wide range of domestic gas, gas-electric (combined) and electric stoves, as well as built-in kitchen appliances under the popular brand name "Darina". In addition, the company produces components and materials for the stoves: gas burners, grill table, enamel powder, etc.

High quality products under the brand name "Darina" appreciated by both Russian and foreign consumers, and as confirmed by numerous All-Russian competition, and the Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant — branch of JSC "Gazmash" repeatedly recognized as one of the best companies not only the Perm region but the whole of Russia.

Perm, Chaikovsky

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