Podmoskovnie burgers crossed the Atlantic

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  • http://www.sostav.ru/articles/rus/2008/21.11/news/images/el1.jpg

Nearly 15 years ago, businessman Igor Kuimov attracted American specialists, starting poultry project in the suburbs. Having built a successful business in Russia, together with partners from the American Council on export of poultry and eggs, Mr. Kuimov felt the strength to enter the U.S. market. Yesterday Russian opened the shop for production of semi-finished chicken in the U.S. city of Gainesville, recognized as "the poultry capital of the world."

In the early days of the business the company "Elinar" Igor Kuimova had nothing to chickens and eggs: in 1992, it specialized in the production of electrical insulation for generators and electrical machines. Redesigning happened two years later, when the "Elinar" acquired in Naro-Fominsk poultry farm "Druzhba".

In 1999, "Elinar" and the American Council on export of poultry and eggs (USAPEEC) in the framework of the intergovernmental program "Gore-Chernomyrdin" established JSC "Russian-American Poultry" Elinar Broiler. " This company is essentially a demonstration of the introduction of modern technologies of production, management and marketing in the poultry industry for Russian producers. In 2009, Mr. Kuimov bought out American partners.

And yesterday, the company "Elinar-Broiler" announced the opening of the production of chilled prepared meals of chicken meat in the American Gainesville (GA). The American company called First Fresh Foods began producing products under the brand name First Fresh («First freshness"), using the technologies and recipes developed by Russian specialists. 

At the initial stage, the Americans will be offered six kinds of burgers and sausages for frying, but in the future is expected to expand the range. By the end of this year, sales will be expanded in the cities of the north-east coast of the United States.

The company did not disclose the production capacity and the size of the investment. But according to expert estimates, the investment in such a project on the order of $ 15 million

In 2012, "Elinar-Broiler" produced 39.5 million tons of chicken meat, of which about 25% are semi-finished cooking. According to SPARC, the company's revenue last year amounted to 4.2 billion rubles., Net profit — 906 million rubles.

Recently, in a number of major U.S. companies, including poultry giant Pilgrim? S Pride, were bought by foreigners, the chairman of the board of directors of the Association of operators of the Russian poultry market Andrei Terekhin: "The segment of deep processing of poultry meat in this country is actively growing, and this attracts the attention of investors. "

"Elinar-Broiler" was the most successful manufacturer of refrigerated chicken semis in Russia and gain some experience, which is now apparently going to be used in the U.S. market, adds CEO of consulting company "Rincon Management" Konstantin Korneev.

It is possible that this is not the latest discovery made outside Russia with Russian capital, he said. According to him, in the next three years, we can expect companies with Russian investors in the Baltic countries, as it would open the possibility for the supply of meat products to the EU.

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