Pokaiņi — Latvian anomaly that affects all of the events of the Earth

August 23, 2012 10:28

In a place in the parish Pokaiņi Naude Dobele District Latvia is anomalous zone, which has a significant impact on the Earth's electromagnetic field, and, accordingly, all the events taking place on the planet — from wars to violence of elements. Here bring their patients, traditional healers, claiming that visiting Pokaynskogo forest nourishes the body with natural energy. But physicists and physicians do not recommend exposing your health at risk.

Photo Publicitates foto

Photo Publicitates foto

It is known that changes in the Earth's magnetic field can affect the electrochemical processes in the human body where the blood acts as the electrolyte. So, in Pokaiņi — powerful magnetic anomaly, psychologists believe. That is why a man entering the forest, the pulse increases by 7-10 beats per minute.

According to some scholars, the tract Pokaiņi local forest is the neck of the "black funnel", sucking in all the power of man. Others believe: underground is a giant crystal, swinging the electromagnetic field of the planet. And still others are convinced Pokaiņi passes through the energy axis of the Earth.

about lubbock central appraisal district Riddles Pokaiņi protects Stone Mother. Servants of the ancient cults, modern esotericism and healers still make around rituals. There is a theory that the five kilometers from Stone Mother passed the Earth's axis, the newspaper "Kommersant".
According to local legend, in ancient times lived in the village near a sick man, but God healed him, and to test the strength of the patient, driven into the ground a stone pillar, and ordered: "Turn!" Man spun pole and spread throughout the world. According to another legend, the ancient times on certain days at Pokaiņi 30 druids gathered, each of which climbed to "own" the hill and from there controlled the weather.

According to experts who study the paranormal, the Earth is a giant geokristallom On the borders, the lines of which energy is distributed throughout the world. Several lines intersect in Latvia, and if that happens to them is not that — "hits" on any region of the world.

Back in the mid-70's spy satellites NASA registered in Soviet Latvia powerful underground energy source. Its epicenter was in the depths of the forest Pokaynskogo, which today has become a place of pilgrimage. Similar zones, but much smaller diameter on the surface of the Earth as recorded by satellites, but less of a structure is no longer anywhere on the planet.

For the first time about the strangeness Pokaynskogo forest area of 400 hectares, the press heard in 1996 from Riga researcher Ivar Viks. It is believed that the forest was once a haven Pokaiņi pilgrims from all over Europe. They bore into the wood stones and put them in special places with only one purpose: to leave with a heavy burden for his sins.

Stones Pokaynskogo forest — the largest local mystery. In lowland forests with 30 hills, neatly laid out there by unknown and known when masonry: moss-covered stones lie here for hundreds of years.

According to modern scholars, Pokaynsky forest really is a powerful geopathic zone. But the nature of it not in some cosmic energy, and in the geological structure of the ancient Pokaynskogo array: it is a structural features of the underlying rocks and underground thermal areas, communicating with groundwater.

It is no accident here in large numbers are found springs and warm springs. It is believed that Pokaiņi — a zone of high electromagnetic activity. True, the assumption is hypothetical, because the composition and structure of the rocks in this place, tectonic faults cortex, the presence of magnetic, electromagnetic, and gravitational radiation fields here yet seriously studied. It is believed that the energy source heating the stones Pokaiņi can be concentrated deposits of magnetic ore, intense seismic zone and gravity anomalies.

Janis Graudonis historian believes that in the old days, these stones were simply removed residents from their fields, although there is no agricultural land near there. There is also a version that in the old days, these stones were brought in specifically for the construction of the castle Pokaiņi local prince, but for some reason have not been used. Archaeologists have tried to test the hypothesis that, under stone masonry may be grave, but dug out a couple of batches, so anything under them and never found.

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