Polder land Kaliningrad region will bring in the harvest

Polder — Drained and cultivated land is low-lying coast.

 Photo source:gurievskinfo.ru

Drainage of 196 hectares of the largest regional polder near 12 kilometers of trails Kaliningrad Chernyahovsk — one of the main points of the new regional program of land reclamation.

"Now the land is overgrown with reeds. When we carry out the work here, the water level will drop five feet and drained the field can go a technique to reclaim the soil and bring back to life our "regional vegetable garden." Then on these lands restored our farmers can grow bountiful harvest. After polder land in the world — its weight in gold, you can get without chemical fertilizers and 120 tons per hectare ", — Said the Regional Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Zarudny.

This year, the implementation of measures is due to two federal and one regional program. The total funding of 230 million rubles. In the coming years, this amount will increase in proportion to the volume of the planned work.

Among the events of 2011 — the reconstruction of levees separating pumping stations, repair of water intakes, main canals, pumping and power units, construction of culverts.

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