Police have received awards for rescuing people from fire

Three police officers from the Novosibirsk region received the medal "For courage on fire" for saving people from burning buildings in August 2012.

As the press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia on VAT, at midnight, August 23, 2012 the staff of private security department Krasnozerskoe Vazhenin Sergey and Vitaly Lyosik patrolled the area and saw the lights of a private house, the fire has engulfed the roof and attic.

Police rushed to the rescue, first taken out of the smoky room a woman with a minor son, then began to put the fire out garden hose.
At 5:00 am on August 26 squad private security Suzun area Alexei Peregoudov while on duty along with his partner, noticed a fire on the street. Borovoj.

Master of the house, get out of the fire in a state of shock, told police that the house were his wife and son. Alexei Peregoudov and countryman Valentin Sivkov bystanders during the incident, came through the window into the burning house and brought out first woman who lost consciousness, and then the child.

Before the arrival of medical officers had suffered first aid.

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