Police Tyumen region and Trans-Baikal region received new cars

Police joined the fleet of vehicles Tyumen 39 official vehicles. Keys to the new machines personnel handed the deputy chief of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Tyumen region, Vladimir Nifontov.

For service units Tyumen police cars arrived on the state defense order "Gazelle", "UAZ-Patriot" and "Lada Priora". They are specially trained by domestic producers for the police force, equipped with modern technology, on-board computers, radios, means of making sound signals.

Police vehicle fleet transbaikalian filled with new vehicles. Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Roman Deev handed the keys to the staff of fifty cars.

Car "UAZ-Patriot", "UAZ Hunter", "Lada — Priora", "2115" awarded to employees of the criminal investigation department, departments of economic security and anti-corruption investigator, as well as employees at riot police and SWAT.

It is planned that all this year in the Amur region received more than 100 vehicles. 

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