Polypropylene Tomskneftekhim will be recycled in India

Ltd. "Tomskneftekhim" (TNHK, a subsidiary of "SIBUR") has begun shipping atactic polypropylene in India, the press service of the company.

The first shipment of 50 tons in February. India was the first of the foreign countries in which such amounts is ready to process raw TNHK side. 

Atactic polypropylene to "Tomskneftekhim" is available on the installation of polymerization of 60 tons per month in granular form and packed in big bags (big bags) at 200 kg. Before that was the main consumer of production of roofing materials in St. Petersburg, which, however, does not exploit the full growing stock. If India will become a permanent partner SIBUR problem of implementation of this production will be solved.

Atactic polypropylene used for production, adhesives, mastics, covering materials. Also it is used in the production of asphalt, as an additive that improves abrasion resistance and moisture resistance.

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