Port development in Australia threatens inhabitants of the reef

Port Development Strategy northwest Australia, the plan is submitted to the government on Thursday, Queensland, life threatening Red Book inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef — a World Heritage Site, said the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia.

"Earlier, UNESCO has sent an appeal to governments of Australia and Queensland, which sets out the grounds for banning the construction of new ports and infrastructure development outside the existing harbor waters. Queensland port development strategy is in conflict with the position of UNESCO on the Great Barrier Reef," — said the representative of WWF Australia Richard Leck (Richard Leck).

At the same time, the WWF is willing to work on a solution together with the Queensland Government and seeks to prevent the Great Barrier Reef has been included in the UNESCO list of heritage under threat, says the organization.

According to the government plan, the area to be develop to be within the Gulf of Keppel Bay and Fitzroy River Delta — the habitat of the four endangered species of turtles and a Red Australian snub-nosed dolphin (Heinsohni Orcaella), only recently described as a separate species. Independent research confirms that the industrial development of the region would lead to a catastrophic impact on the rare species of animals, say environmentalists.

At the same time, the strategy for the development of ports is said that the Government of Australia and Queensland are committed to ensure the preservation of the natural values that make the Great Barrier Reef has become a World Heritage Site.

"We intend to support the economic development of Queensland, but we also need to make sure that we keep this nature, for this new project must undergo peer review. Obviously, the Great Barrier Reef has to be protected", — quotes the Australian information portal Sunshine Coast Daily words Deputy Prime Minister of Queensland blue Jeff (Jeff Seeney).

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