Post-hurricane Penza. Video


29.07.11.Posledstviya hurricane eliminated in Penza on Friday, July 29. Element, which raged for an hour, during that time managed breaking anything, to break the wires and demolish several roofs roofs.

Thunderstorm rain accompanied by squally winds that broke tree branches. One of these fell on the bus going the route number 89, and knocked the glass. No injuries were reported.

Lermontov Street — all the trees. Broken. The last hurricane bore everything in its path. Broken branches, broken trees, and some pulled out by the roots.

The city resembles a large firewood. The trees blocked the aisles and passages. People and machines work to overcome such obstacles. Public utilities have already begun work, but traces of the hurricane is not quickly cover up and do not drink.

As he fell, the branches touched the power lines and cut them off. The wires were on the road. In an electric taken prisoner and one machine. No light left homes in Bashmakov and some — in Penza. "I immediately turned off the lights at home, and after a while all was quiet. Comprising no light, and there is still no ", — complained a resident of Penza Maria Bezobrazoff.

On the streets in the world has fallen tower crane. There was construction of flats. The fall of a colossus no one was hurt because construction is frozen for 2 years. Residents of nearby homes watched the scene from their windows. "The crane slowly fell. Dust outbreak. Cable, apparently, interrupted ", — said Yuri Kartyshkov resident of Penza.

Hurricane, the second in a row — not last. As noted in the regional Weather Service, the weather was expected after a storm in Moscow. Moreover, forecasters predict its recurrence and weekends.

Report: Inessa Romanova, Pavel Morozov, Marat Yanborisova

Source: STRC "Penza"


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