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January 23, 2013 3:03

In the metropolitan area was once highly respected reptiles.

In the coming year the Snake "sacred capital" of Russia should become a forgotten ancient village, located a few hundred kilometers from Moscow — after all the places have been chosen by our ancestors for temple snake god.

There is a danger of habit confusing, so let's just be clear: we are not talking about "women" and the "man" title. So Shatura with the famous Power Plant "Get out of the brackets," and all we pay attention to the location of a half dozen miles from her old village Shatura.

The settlement is one of the oldest in Moscow and was once the "capital" of the vast territory occupied now Shatura and Yegoryevsk area. The first documented mention of it is found in spiritual literacy Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily Dmitrievich — son of Dmitry Donskoy, composed in 1423, but long before this place was chosen by our ancestors. In pre-Christian times came to us and a strange name: sat-ur — snake god temple.

— Snakes were in honor of our ancestors — says researcher pagan Slavic cults Alex Tanat. — However, experts say that "the object of sympathy" was not a viper, and harmless snakes: some tribes they perform the role of a house — the house seen as the protector from evil forces.

Serpentine stone is a block of granite, extremely unusual for Shaturskay marshes, which once was a pagan shrine, and later the Orthodox sanctuary already - which rises from a stone fountain was dedicated, semi-detached chapel (not saved).  Photo:

Serpentine stone is a block of granite, extremely unusual for Shaturskay marshes, which once was a pagan shrine, and later the Orthodox sanctuary already — which rises from a stone fountain was dedicated, semi-detached chapel (not saved). Photo:

According to Alexei, in that "prehistoric" time people worshiped snakes very wise creatures and everyday life often take decisions based on the behavior of the snake tribe, in addition, over time, our ancestors adapted to retrieve a purely practical advantage of familiarity with the armless, legless reptiles: snake venom could treat some diseases, they smeared combat arrows … tips on surviving ancient altars, ceramic vessels are preserved, among others, and of creeping things. And the most common was "snake" pattern, consisting of two of these snakes, which were woven into a single spiral and turned their heads in different directions.
— At the Gentiles who lived sometime in the middle lane, one of the revered deities was Ur — snake king. Came to him with prayers for a successful hunt, in addition, this zmeebog "patronized" oldest emerging industry — mining and processing of bog ore.

Smerdyache lake. Moscow region, Shatura.

… I must say that the best setting for deployment of "representation" master reptiles hard to think. Shatura is located on a small hill near the shore of the river Poly, and for miles around — deep forests and marshy swamps. For decades, these places are hard "reject" permanent human presence. 300-350 years ago Shatura was listed in the census books "graveyard" (this word indicates if the administration center of several neighboring villages). There were two churches, where the service was going on holiday the people from the neighborhood. Later, in the XIX century., Opened two schools with a dormitory for students of peasant children from remote villages. In the village, close to the busy road which passed from Bronnitsy on Vladimir, annual trade fairs. But by the end of the last century its former prosperity disappeared. It has long been overgrown track Bronnitsy ancient path, and the new highway bypassed the village side, burned one by one church and school buildings, left for another village locals … even made in the Soviet era industrial development efforts of these places have ended with little success. From those times around the ancient settlement are preserved only abandoned peat, long abandoned narrow-gauge railway embankment, overgrown ditches … It looks like a snake god was so displeased with a major invasion of people in his ancestral domains!

Casual traveler, wandered in the wilderness Shaturskaya can see on the site of the village perished a few houses, crowding around the broken tower and a large cemetery. But where are the traces of a pagan temple? Is the map-name crept snag? Such suspicions are categorically rejected the local historian and researcher of anomalous zones by dowsing Sergey Zamyatin, who happened to speak with correspondent "MK".

— At one time, surveying the neighborhood Shatura, I fixed the powerful energy-active zone. Perhaps the local "flavor" — one of the most significant anomalies geopathic found myself in the suburbs. And along with the positive zones are traced and places with a strong negative energy. Know that our ancestors were able to perfectly define geopathic zones and it is here arranged temples of their gods, which perform various rituals, sacrifices … As a result, natural anomaly adds a so called namolennye energy, through which each such active zone becomes even more powerful. So the story of the houses of the serpent god, was allegedly once on the site of the present village on the river field, it seems to be true. By the way, in the marshes near the present Shatura I came across a huge boulder, almost faded completely into the ground. As he was among peatlands? Mystery. Maybe this block and embodied for the pagan Slavs symbol mysterious king of the snakes, played the role of ritual stone for the temple snake god? ..

Alexander Dobrovolsky

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