Precipitation in New York reached eight inches

New York, 8-inch water has penetrated into the city, the roads are flooded. At 9:00., 7.7 inches of rain had fallen at Kennedy Airport. It was the most recorded there in a single day since the National Weather Service started keeping records 116 years ago. Heavy tropical rain is expected to continue into Monday, and flood warning in effect until 9 pm. Normal rainfall for all of August in New York-4 "- which means that the city was hit with two months worth of rain in one day." This is what you would expect in a hurricane, 'said Steve Wistar, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather. Kennedy Airport, the old one day rainfall record, 6.3 inches, set on June 30, 1984, fell by noon. Central Park, where the official city of precipitation is recorded, saw 5.8 inches at 10:45., Making it the fifth-rainy day all the time there. —NY Daily

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