Preparing schools for the school year

01.08.2013, the

"Today at the Government meeting heard a report of the Ministry of Education and Science for the preparation of educational institutions of Ukraine to the new 2013/2014 school year. All repairs are on schedule. Education authorities in the field together with the Ministry is well controlled. It is assumed in this year's overhaul of more than 2.5 thousand schools and about 14 thousand schools will conduct routine maintenance, "- said Dmitry Tabachnik. 

The Minister said that this year, as of September 1, planned to open additional 47 educational complexes, which will be combined kindergarten and primary school, about 360 new groups in kindergartens, as well as to reconstruct more than 120 and reactivate the 65 kindergartens . Thus, according to Dmitry Tabachnik, this year will create about 50 thousand new places in kindergartens.

"We plan to schools this year to renovate kitchens 2600. At present, repair is clearly on track. 1220 repair roofs in secondary schools. This work is also progressing on schedule, "- said the Minister.

Regarding vocational training institutions, Dmitry Tabachnik said that today prepared for the new school year, 84% of vocational schools.

General educational institutions of the Lviv area received 15 school buses   August 7, 2013, the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Victor Shemchuk handed school buses leadership education area, purchased from the state budget. It is worth noting that in the Lviv region in the countryside 21,000 students and preschool children living abroad walking schools. Under the State social program "School Bus" as of 01.07.2013, in the Lviv region acquired 242 school buses: 104 — for the state budget, 26 — at the expense of the World Bank, 101 — local budget (regional, district, cities), 11 — for sponsorship funds. In the 2012/2013 school year, transportation of students and preschool children school buses reached 86%.

Ivano-Frankivsk region received from the state 16 "school bus"

Two brand new buses will carry students in Galicia, Kolomiyskogo, Kosovo and parts of one "school bus" were Rogatyn, Dolinsky, Kalush, Tysmenytsya, Gorodenkivsky, Nadvirna, Verhovinsky, Bohorodchany, Sniatyn and Rozhnyativ areas.

In addition, acquired 4 "school bus" and at the expense of the regional budget. They will be transferred to educational institutions on the Feast of the First Call.

Rural areas of the Donetsk region received 23 school buses

During 30-31 July 2013 the rural areas of Donetsk region received 23 school buses. More than 700 students in rural areas will be daily ride to school and back home with new, not leased buses that meet modern requirements. Pursuant to the State targeted social programs "School Bus", the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, number 162 of 15.02.2013 in the departments of education Velikonovoselkovsky, Volodarskogo Volnovakha, Mariynskoe, Constantine, Miner, Alexander, Red, Slavic, Novoazovskiy, Yasinovatsky, Telmanovskiy Donetsk regional state administrations area received new school buses are AC-P-32053-07 "Dream".

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