Prophecy of the Black Moon




This year's first lunar eclipse will affect our lives much more than a parade of planets. Although the eclipse is expected in the night of 4 to 5 May, the dark moon starts fouling the Russians a few days earlier. After May 5, its negative impact will intensify and will last at least another week. What is to be feared, says the rector of the Moscow Academy of Astrology Michael Levin …

NewsInfo: What will the Russians for holidays in May, given the imminent lunar eclipse? Should we expect something bad?

Michael Levin: There is generally a period of high accident rate and increase the number of injuries. So should jump the number of accidents.

NewsInfo: Do you mean the car accident?

Michael Levin: Including. This particular New Moon in general is characterized by an increased risk of any fatal accidents. A lunar eclipse, which is expected soon, it will only exacerbate this trend. Here, of course, much depends on the particular area where these accidents will be more. It is necessary to view the entire globe, on which region is the peak. But when it comes to Moscow, where the number of pretty decent. This is the first thing seen in the astrological charts.

NewsInfo: And what else are warning card?

Michael Levin: An emotionally stressful period. Will break out some hidden conflicts that exist between loved ones, because most recently was a full moon. Moon sharply intensifies emotions. He almost immediately after the eclipse. And then there's Venus in a very interesting position. Can be mass wacky events.

NewsInfo: It turns out that time is very favorable for divorce? Quarrel at the moment would be the easiest way?

Michael Levine: Well, that divorce does not have any tails, better to divorce the waning moon. But this time, I would not call it a favorable because people find it very difficult to agree on the division of property and so on. Climb out emotions heightened resentment all sorts of old, jealousy, memories, and the head is weak. In periods of extreme emotional stress everything that had accumulated, it will crawl out. And in a climate divide people because of their injuries will act against their own benefit. I would suggest that now sit at all and do not rock the boat, do not take decisive action. Eclipse normally operates after 2 weeks, before the next phase of the moon. Effects of this type are beginning to act for 3-4 days before the event, the peak comes a week, and the overall effects are felt 2 weeks. If you make some stupid, it could have far-reaching consequences, as it all happens on the growing moon.

NewsInfo: And as some local conflicts and hotspot? Lunar eclipse somehow affect the situation in Chechnya? Maybe there will be some attacks on holidays in May?

Michael Levine: You know, with all its complexity lunar eclipses occur at least twice a year, and just eclipses, solar and lunar, is about five pieces each year. Situations long to prepare well in advance, they are not associated with eclipses. Eclipse aggravates any situation spontaneous, unplanned.

NewsInfo: In that case, can we expect any riots in Moscow on May 9?

Michael Levin: None. Maybe someone a little sublevels all. You see, the thing — brick or explode. It I to say that if Moscow does not have a corresponding negative atmosphere of tension that should spill over into something, and then the riots will not. In itself, the eclipse does not produce anything. Eclipse is like a critical point in the psychic rhythm of Rights, which exacerbates all sorts of psychological and social stress. Not eclipse itself pulls the strings you. It just makes you break out, we sat inside, and that you are usually held back on a subconscious level. If you have a stable, sustainable mental state, if the size of your life is balanced and, in the period of the eclipse you can experience increased anxiety, restlessness, you may have insomnia, but nothing serious. Moscow is now very easy lives, so the unrest will not. I do not expect in the near future some civil unrest, riots, and others.

NewsInfo: So what should be afraid of the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region than road accidents?

Michael Levin: We should expect serious conflicts in teenage bands. Teenage groups and roads — the busiest places. Still, I think that in the period of the eclipse in Moscow jump accident. Maybe the building collapse or fire happens because of some fault in the wiring. For Moscow, there are indications of the increased accident rate in enterprises, industrial plants — that this type. It may be water supply, sewerage, because there is a reference to Pluto, there are indications of technical installations, electrical network. Electrical networks, water mains, sewer — they need to pay attention to in the first place.

Interviewed by Svetlana Lyzhin


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