Psychic in the casino — a necessary protection against fraud?




According to statistics from the U.S. consultancies top positions in the ranking of highest paid casino employees occupy specialists in transpersonal psychology, or the so-called psychics. The last 20 years have become more and more casinos seek the help of such professionals to prevent gambling fraud. Usually these people are sitting at the monitors and watch the game as soon as some of the gambling tables begin to win big, psychologists immediately begin to monitor the situation and, if necessary, give testimony or to a change of the dealer, or to the removal of the player, or to close table.
Experts point out that with the help of competent professionals can prevent 99% of frauds based on conspiracy and fraud. It does not require any supernatural abilities — you just read correctly nonverbal communication players. However, the solutions are often not adequately perceived by psychologists players — player on the advice of a psychologist may be removed from the gaming floor, without explanation, prompting the natural uproar.
Statistics say that most "difficult" in terms of detection for psychologists players are China and Russia. It is to these two nations, as a rule, are the eyes of psychics. Psychologists themselves admit that they sometimes can not explain exactly what is wrong in the game, but "intuitively know" that prepares a scam. So a few months ago in a network of international casino Margarita Island (Venezuela) group of Russian tourists were implicitly denied in the game — each table for a game of Black Jack was closed as soon as the Russian came there. Casino management has explained these phenomena technical reasons.


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