Psychics on 21st December 2012

February 15, 2012 22:17

After the release of the film "2012" interest to the date of the supposed "end of the world" December 21, 2012 the general public a few pougas. Hollywood in characteristic fashion focused on the external effects, mentioning the date itself and its authors only in passing.

However, global climate change in the world runs its course, taking the lives of hundreds of people every day. Disasters are becoming more powerful, and the degree of protection in front of them is almost zero. As it turns out, there is no protection and the terrorists. Even President Barack Obama was forced to admit that the U.S. security system is imperfect.

Date December 21, 2012 years for the Maya was not associated as a "day of reckoning" complete destruction of people, and points to the transition of humanity to a new level of development. The drafters of the ancient calendar did not count on the cycle, because they knew that the very essence of time can change, and will need to make adjustments.

Today, humanity entered during a turn, which is conventionally started in the early 1990's and will last until about the year 2020. According to the ancient prophecies, most people undergo physical death. However, in all the religions mentioned the coming of the Messiah, who will be called upon to save the true believers. These times will be accompanied by numerous troubles and "living will envy the dead." But "endures to the end shall be saved." And most importantly — "But of that day and hour knows the Father in heaven."

But they think the modern "prophets," now called the term "psychic."

Vladimir Muranov pobedetil show "The Battle of psychics":

—  I think that directly December 21 newspapers write that again, it was a duck, and nothing happened, but the world will change irrevocably. It will be really the end of one phase and the beginning of a new, but it will not suddenly, but gradually.

Galina Bagirov finalist show "Battle of psychics":

—   I do not think we will die. I think that there are no deaths and natural disasters, in this day happen.

Dilaram Saparova finalist show "The Battle of psychics":

—   I think that there is no end of the world will not be the whole panic around this date is false. Life is given to people for a living, and not for the thought of death and not to fear. So it's just panic and superstition.

As can be seen from the responses, psychics were cautious in their forecasts after a series of high-profile unfulfilled prophecies which concerned 2009.

Andrei Polyakov

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