Mikhail Zadornov HAPPY dementia from a movie theater with God ordered to go to the literature — once the main Russian pride. Even she is enveloped in PR, as the last patient's body healthy cell microbes. At one time we were considered the most reading country in the world. Have now become the most reading Akunin and Dontsovu country in the world. Young people are sometimes justified, they say, by Akunin we know the story. To know the story by Akunin, anyway, to enjoy the taste of chicken bouillon cubes nibbling. [Cut] As aptly put some of the oldest Soviet educators, referring to today's pop literature — "sticky Fiction". Lipchiu than detective fiction today only health, such as: "Beet of hemorrhoids," "How to Use Celery restore potency," "Miracle of Fasting", "The Joy of flat," "Happy dementia …" One specifically was in the book, and wrote out the names of some, particularly stunned me bestseller-by-night "One hundred well-known women who wanted to have one." At first thought, do not buy it? Then presented as a book come to the box office … Suddenly the cashier — an intelligent person? Well, it will take me for a geek. For the same reason, do not buy a pamphlet: "Sex for Dummies." The saleswoman would greatly disappointed in me. So restrained. Although the pamphlet was with illustrations. You, dear readers, there is a tea house? Watch for them. Then buy this "erotic" shedevrik and compare with pictures. Most decent name for one of those that I wrote, "The collection of the most popular Russian inscriptions fence." Weighty book. On a shelf pulls. Where they took up so much? I only know three inscriptions. If strained, more than five or six come up. A detective? What juicy names, spitting into the soul of the intelligentsia: "The Blind Sniper", "Reusable virgin", "Passive necrophiliac …" Last knizhentsiyu I even opened it, I think, give at least read the first line. I have read and immediately slammed the "passive necrophiliac wandered through the cemetery …" Then he wanted a long time to pick up the second line: "Active looking for, but never got it!" One of the most popular bookstores in Moscow is located on the Arbat. An elderly visitor, this intelligent trudyashka was like among the shelves of book, esteemed name, went to the seller: — And something comforting not? Against the background of this book popkorma even classics are energetically promoting for the same marketing formula, and shamelessly called Gogol, Tolstoy and Lermontov brands. A young readers recommend "The Captain's Daughter," "Princess Mary" and "The Brothers Karamazov" because of the spectacular love synopsis. A few more quotes from the shelves of the same store: Chekhov. "Stories." On the cover — naked girl and signature "Where are you, Missie?" Maupassant. "Dear Friend". Pictures from one to one of today's edition of "Kama Sutra for the children." "Red Riding Hood". At the turn: "The sad story of the courageous women among the feminine men. The only guy turns gray wolf. " How can you not posochuvstvuesh Red Riding Hood? Quite the men left. Foresters and those transvestites. Our national life, and wide as the Earth is ours, the soul, has come under asphalt compactor western PR. Traders understand that literature, theater and cinema can make money, as the sausage, yogurt and a variety of semi-finished … No wonder all firms today in show business, called "production", "Film-Production", "Theater Production", "The Book -Production "… The eternal dispute bookseller with a poet! So far, unfortunately, win vendors. I want to protest to open a company, to be called "Zadornov sozdavakshn"!

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