Puzzles and anomalies in 2011

December 30, 2011 16:28

In the past year looking for Bigfoot, Chupacabra authenticate and frozen aliens.

Throughout the year from all over the world there were reports of encounters with mysterious creatures and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. People out there, here imagined Yeti Chupacabra and UFOs. Overall, 2011 was remembered by several unusual phenomena.

Most attention to themselves chained snowman. To search for him in October was abandoned Russian-American expedition. The researchers went to the Kuzbass, taking with them as bait Nikolai Valuev. Athlete on the dimensions just fit the description of female yeti, said experts. However being never took the bait. But the expedition was able to collect "irrefutable evidence habitat in Mountain Shoria Bigfoot."

They are presented at an international conference in the Kemerovo region, where we arrived, scientists from the Russian regions, the U.S., Sweden, Canada and Estonia. Among the findings — photo traces places rookeries and a few gray hairs. These materials will study in a special science laboratory. So the next year we will see either a colossal opening or a huge disappointment.

At the other end of the world there were reports of the legendary Chupacabra, terrorizing farmers United States and Mexico since 1950. American biologists and cryptozoology conducted extensive study of all found the remains of a mysterious creature. But DNA tests showed that it is only by coyotes and foxes suffering from ringworm. That's why they look so strange, no one used to see foxes without their characteristic "coat."

In the field of contact with aliens again distinguished Russians. In November alone, and had a conversation like that, retired from Petrozavodsk for two years and kept them in the fridge at home, frozen corpse of an alien. According to the story the old woman, in autumn 2009 in the yard of her country house in the Karelian town Mashezero crashed UFO. Near the wreckage of the spacecraft Martha Yegorovna find largemouth and bigeye being an increase of about 50 cm, resembling a cross between a man and a fish, which showed no signs of life.

Pensioner and her husband is packed in polyethylene and the stranger, and brought him to the city, put in the fridge. The correct solution is to take a picture of the find, because it is time, and it appeared people in civilian clothes and took the dead pilot UFO. By Martha Yegorovna he never returned, but the pictures were and are now available online.

Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous — people mistaken for UFOs anything. Thus, one Briton in terror called the police and shouted that it moves a disc-shaped object. Then, a little calmed down, he realized that a UFO took moon. And in Utah a few people looked at a whole squadron of spaceships. Several days, scientists have advanced a lot of theories, while the students of the local college did not admit that the day ran the Chinese lanterns.

Alien theme supported and the U.S. government. In November, Phil Larson of the White House, the Department of Science and Technology Policy, said: "The U.S. government has no evidence either that any life exists outside our planet, or the fact that extraterrestrial life forms come into contact any kind with the human race. Besides, we have no reason to believe that evidence of contacts to hide from people. The universe is huge, and it is possible that somewhere within it the aliens exist, but there is no credible evidence of their presence in the world is not. "

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