Pyramid on the ocean floor

November 5, 2011 12:24

Pyramid on the ocean floorThe ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work entitled "Dialogues", wrote that the Atlanteans "themselves came in for trouble." But his story is cut off and does not reveal the secrets of the tragedy. Perhaps it could unravel the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who, going into a trance, saw a vision with long vanished worlds.

According to him, "Atlanteans used crystals for mirsnyh and spiritual purposes. In his revelations Casey saw a large hall in the temple of Poseidon, called the "Hall of the world." It houses the main crystal of Atlantis — Tuaoy, ie "Firestone". It had a cylindrical shape, the top of the solar energy absorbed and accumulated in the center of it.

The first crystal was presented to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Atlanteans, who warned that treat it carefully, because therein lies the terrible destructive force. In general, the crystals were the most powerful drives sunlight and starlight, they accumulated the energy of the Earth, its rays could even burn powerful thick walls. It is through this Atlanta built palaces, temples and develops psychic abilities.

Casey's statement was met with a fair amount of scientists skeptical. But soon found confirmation of this: Julius Caesar in his "Notes on the Gallic War", wrote that any priest — druid told him about his ancestors the Gauls, who had come to Europe from the "Island of Crystal Towers. But soon said Julius in his "Notes on the Gallic War", wrote that what priest-druid told him about his ancestors who came to Europe from the "Island of the towers. According to legend, their glass palace stood in the middle of the sea somewhere in the center of the Atlantic. Ships sail by, but those who have tried to get closer, perished: some unseen forces seized the ship, and it disappears forever. Live up to the myth of the Middle Ages: the Celtic sagas, this mysterious power called "magic web. One of the heroes of the sagas managed to escape from the House of Glass and return home. It seemed to him that he had spent in the palace three days, and was at home for thirty years! Legend has it that some of the survivors of Atlantis fled to Tibet. Among the peoples of Tibet, a legend of the giant pyramids, topped by large crystals of rock crystal, serves as an antenna to receive the life-giving energy of the Cosmos.

Ray Brown took a vacation to the island of Bari, located near the Bahamas. The scientist was diving. He once went on a dive. Imagine his surprise when he found deep well preserved pyramid provided with an unknown technology. Among the owners of bars and the crystal. When Brown tried to take him, he heard the warning voice inside. Still, he raised it to the surface. Within 5 years, Ray Brown strongly guarded find. But in 1975 he decided to show it at the congress of psychiatrists in the United States. Psychologist from New York, Elizabeth Bacon, after looking at the crystal suddenly received a message from the stone of its accessories …. Thoth, the Egyptian god of death! After a few years at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea were discovered high-crystals of unknown origin. Its radiation they dematerialize people and ships. It is possible that the anomalies in the Bermuda triangle occurs due to the action of the energy sector. Edgar Cayce warned of the dangers of navigation in Bermuda, because, in his view, the destructive energy of crystals and operates today. That is why there is observed the so-called "paradox of time and space."

Pyramid on the ocean floor

American submarine, floated in the "triangle" at 200 feet (70 m). In 1993, the American weekly "News" told about the amazing case of the submarine, the men heard a strange noise behind and feel the vibration, which lasted about a minute. And then the whole team instantly aged. But the most surprising thing revealed after surfacing: it turned out that the submarine is located in the Indian Ocean about 300 miles off the east coast of Africa, and 10 thousand miles of Bermuda! It is possible that a strange thing happened due to the energy crystals of Atlantis, hidden, allegedly Casey at the bottom of the sea to the east of Andros Island at a depth of 1500 m

In the summer of 1991 the U.S. at the bottom of a huge pyramid — three times more than the Cheops! Judging from the echo signals that are reflected from the surface, the edges are made of material similar to glass or polished ceramic. Surprisingly, they were absolutely clean and smooth, which is not characteristic of the object at the bottom of the ocean. After the return of the hydrological ship was followed by a press conference. She researchers showed photos of echograms and research results. Ship's sonar images showed faces of the pyramid, in which no sign of the blocks, since the plane was perfectly flat.

Minnesota Mark Hammons and his colleague Jeffrey Keith said that the Atlanteans were aliens have invaded the human body! For communication and movement they used telepathy and levitation, and also has high technology-based energy crystals, fragments of which are based, and now at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

Apparently, they are associated with numerous disappearances of ships, is an area of live objects, that is, people like to be "freed" from their bodies and go into the small astral world. In 1999, part of one of inexplicable events began Shannon Bracey from New Zealand, who decided alone to cross the Pacific Ocean on a yacht. That's what she told reporters. — When I was close to Bermuda, there was something terrible. In the afternoon, when I was in the control room, the sea surface was covered with smoke.

It seemed I was in the fog. Soon began a perfect storm, and the nebula condensed so that visibility was zero. I came here to get the Ghosts! It was the people in the form of a sailor, some women with mournful faces and crying children. I knew that all of them long dead, and this felt the chilling horror. Suddenly I saw her dead husband: he stretched arms to me. At this point I lost consciousness.

When Shannon woke up, the clock in the control room marked midnight. It turned out that the woman was out of as much as 12 hours! No less strange thing happened to the German girl Mina, who was born near Bermuda on board the cruise liner. In four years, she began to read the thoughts of others, look to move the pencil on the glass. For several years, her phenomenal ability to learn in a psychotherapy clinic in Germany. All these facts indicate that the main crystal of Atlantis remained operational. It lies deep within the center of the Bermuda Triangle and continues its mysterious influence.

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