Rains caused landslides in Kazakhstan


8.05.11.Opolzni went on the road in the Ile Alatau Almaty region, victims, and there were no injuries, said on Saturday, the press service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"May 6, in the Ile Alatau River Akzhar (Aksai River basin) in the result of the fallout of heavy precipitation (the day fell to 25 mm) was observed emission gryazekamennoy mass flow of 4 m3 / s on local roads etc. Aksai Aksay problem. There is no passage. Victims and victims, "- said MOE.

Agency certifies that situautsiya in gryazekamennoy mass ejection is controlled.

In the evening on May 6 in Ile Alatau Basin Kishi Almaty (700 meters above the dam Medeo) on auto-road Medeo Chimbulak landslide of about 500 m3 and a stone weighing 2 tons. "Victims and victims. The road has been cleared, "- said the agency Novosti-Kazakhstan with reference to the MOE.


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