Range for biathlon tank set up in Moscow

Military engineers of the Western Military District in suburban Alabino finalized spetspoligona for the All-Army competition for Tank biathlon, the head of the press service of the district Oleg Kochetkov.

"On the range training complex Taman Motorized Rifle Division are equipped with two tank tracks stretching 6,100 and 3,000 meters. In the course of the races on these routes, the tanks, the participants of biathlon, will face all types of obstacles both land and water "- quoted Kochetkova ITAR-TASS.

"In contrast to the classical biathlon, the crews of combat vehicles will hit the target, simulating tanks and low-flying helicopters at ranges from 900 to 2200 meters", — informed the Cochetkov.

He added that "the threshold for opening fire in a tank biathlon has four directions — the number of tanks in the race."

According to him, "on the track and provided a 500-meter penalty loop, which contestants will be overcome in the case of near misses when the shooting."


"In qualifying competitions in biathlon Tank will bring together three tank crew from each military district, and in the final match will be the best tank crews of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia", — concluded the representative of the district.

Preliminaries and finals will be held in a tank biathlon Alabino in mid-August.

Currently, the Army was Russian district selection stage the All-Army Tank biathlon competitions.

On held near St. Petersburg, Stavropol, Chita and Chelyabinsk competitions named the best tank crews 138th, 19th, 36th Motorized Rifle Brigade and 7th Separate Armored Brigade of the Western, Southern, Eastern and Central military districts.

Every military district for the title of best fought by 12 tank crews, who won the preliminary competition for professional skills in their compounds and associations.

Tank biathlon — a competition in which the crews have to exercise and develop their best professional skills, such as teamwork, ability in the shortest possible time to hit the target, the skill of driving a tank. At the same time, on obschezachetnoe affects not only the rate of overcoming the route and compulsory defeat all five targets, but clean, with no penalty points to overcome a variety of obstacles.

In the biathlon tank every tank runs almost 20 miles to the maximum rate, driving the firing of all weapons at targets, rising in different directions and distances. On the course, the tank has repeatedly overcome a ford, fences, rutting bridge, high-speed sections and the overtaking. In this case, the crew is constantly in the firing position.

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