Recruits and evaders was equally

Recruits and evaders was equally

Search for "mowing" the army offered not only at the time of the call.

Summed up the results of the autumn conscription on Thursday at the Ministry of Defence. Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen.-Colonel Vasily Smirnov said that the plan is executed, but the army run more than 200 thousand people — almost as much as the departed to serve.

Total debt to motherland has left 278,821 people — call, According to Vasily Smirnov made. Also, General denied that the internal forces (their complements recruits Defense) Did not receive the planned number of conscripts. "They claim we performed at 100%," — said the deputy chief of the General Staff. Although previously the Main Command of the Internal Troops claimed that the plan in the autumn conscription not fulfilled. Initially, it was planned to bring 27 thousand people. Later, the plan was reduced to 20 thousand, and in the end there only received 18.5 thousand conscripts. The General Staff Tipo clarify the situation so that recruits do not have enough damn.

Gen. Smirnov revealed that at present the number of evaders record the highest — more than 200 thousand, — the figure is fast approaching the number of those who went to the army.

— We are very concerned about the problem of draft dodgers. Autumn against people who avoided conscription, only opened 80 criminal cases, and only 74 people convicted in the recruitment process — complained Gen. Smirnov. — More than 30 percent of the guys we had to release from military service for health reasons.

To solve the problem of draft dodgers Defense, apparently, will help the "United Russia", members of which have brought a bill to increase the term vernal appeal to one and a half months — in other words, from 1 April to 31 August, not July 15, as it does at the moment. General Smirnov said that the most likely call is extended, the Ministry of Defence, at least, very so requests. It is the desire Defense Deputy Chief of General Staff, explained to the fact that the need to streamline the training units in the army — if soldiers previously went to them for 5 months, but now plan to transfer them to a three-month training at the centers.

Incidentally, the "hunt" for draft dodgers military authorities will also Mayor of Moscow. Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on initial military registration of people born in 1994 and of older people do not come to the city draft boards in a timely manner. Only in the capital about 40 thousand evaders. Moscow Mayor instructed the police and military commissariats wanted to lead them, not only in the recruitment process, and all year round.

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