Red level of danger because of the heat assigned 16 cities in Italy

The Ministry of Health of Italy in connection with the heat wave, established in the Apennines, on Wednesday awarded the highest "red" danger level 16 cities of the country, which is constantly monitoring the weather situation.

As expected, the peak of African heat caused by an anticyclone "Scipio," which was named after the Roman general Scipio Africanus, will fall on Thursday and Friday.

In this regard, the "red" threat level assigned to specific days, in particular, Rome, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Bolzano, Rieti, Florence, Milan, Peruzhde and Pescara.

The highest level of risk assigned to a situation where the high temperature required to take preventive measures to protect the health of populations at risk, especially in infants and elderly people suffering from a number of chronic diseases.

According to weather forecasts, 40-degree heat expected on Thursday in many cities in southern Italy and Sicily, the mark of 39 degrees the thermometer will rise in cities along the Adriatic coast, and in Rome and Florence thermometers will show 36-37 degrees.

As the Roman edition of Il Messaggero, capital forecasters recorded on Wednesday at 14.00 local time (16.00 MSK) temperature 35.4 degrees Celsius.

"This is an absolute record for the middle of June already since 1782, that is, over the past 230 years", — said the head of one of the Meteorological Services Frank Mandzhanti.

Previous temperature record — 35.2 degrees — was recorded June 20, 1961 and June 18, 2002.

Due to the heat wave Roman Civil Defense Department has decided to distribute free water bottles to passers near the metro stations and at the entrance to the Vatican Museums.

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