Reducing combustion accelerates global warming

 European climate scientists led by Dr. Peter Cox (Peter Cox) performed at the BBC, a statement that the fight against global warming but on the contrary — accelerates and amplifies it.

The reason is that, thinking of greenhouse gases, people pay little attention to the other component of emissions from fossil fuel combustion — sulfur dioxide.

Meanwhile, the particles in the atmosphere reflect sunlight, according to calculations of scientists, nearly balancing the effect of greenhouse gases.

Reducing emissions, and reduces the effect of humanity "global dimming", which leads to more heating of the surface of the planet.

At the same time, the ability of soils to hold carbon dioxide depends on the temperature, so that warming might be accelerated.

Because, according to Mr. Cox, the policy reduce the burning of fossil fuels could have the opposite effect — by the end of the century the average temperature could rise by 10 degrees, and, for example, part of Europe — can turn into a desert.

Until now, experts are arguing whether global warming is caused by human activity, or is it part of the natural process, but Cox points out that the role of global dimming in the climate of the planet machine — underestimated.


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