Refurbished opened kindergartens in the Kemerovo region

November 20 Jurga Refurbished opened kindergarten "Harmony" with 100 seats. To renovate the kindergarten allocated 36.5 million rubles

Kindergarten is for five groups for children from 3 to 7 years. There are all necessary conditions for the stay of students: cozy sleeping and group rooms, halls for music, painting and dancing.

In Anzhero-kindergarten number 10 will visit 70 children. Housewarming is made possible thanks to the action program for the return of former kindergartens to its original purpose. Formerly a center for psychological and special education of children and adolescents, who moved to another room. 

For six months practically created a whole new preschool. Produced remodeling the interior, renovated roof, replaced the heating system. Acquired in childhood appropriate furniture and toys. In the medical office purchased new equipment. Friendly environment and playgrounds. In place of the old poplars planted young mountain ash and lilac. 
A total of the budgets of all levels in the construction and equipping of pre-school institutions invested 63 million rubles.

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