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Elena Kostritsyn

Do you believe in something that lived before? More and more people open their minds the possibility that they have already lived and died and were born again before. Over the last 25-30 years, there was a real revolyuschiya in the minds of the American and European culture, to which our country. When in the mid 70s in the United States has been published book by Dr. Raymond Moody, "Life After Life", which tells about the experiences of clinical death, hospital patients, and their stories about what they experienced after "dying", it sparked a wave of critical responses on the part of scientific and medical and religious circles. In the same attack, and were the first researchers in the field of past life regression, many of which for many years did not dare to publish the results of their work. When in the mid 70's psychiatrist Ian Stevenson published a book "Twenty cases involving reincarnation," it has become a classic for any researcher in the field of reincarnation. This book contains an interview with Dr. Stevenson with twenty children, conscious memory of which (without the help of hypnosis!) Contains a very vivid and detailed memories of the banal lives, and many of these items were subsequently documented. In addition to the above, Dr. Moody and Dr. Stevenson, among the pioneers in this field should be called Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dick Sutphen, Hans Holzner, Edith Fiore. In 1988, a traditional psychotherapist Brian Weiss published a book about how one of his patients under hypnosis spontaneously remembered a few of their past lives, and how at first he was very skeptical of its vospoimnaniyam, but then, gradually, as more and more revenue amount of information that was forced to change his point of view, and took special studies in this area. This book is like an unofficial ban lifted with the topic, and a lot of hypnotherapists and prihoanalitikov faced with similar phenomena began to publish their research. At present, Europe and America bookshelves littered with books devoted to the problems of man's spiritual development, including questions of life after life, the immortality of the human soul and memories of past lives.

The ever-growing interest in the issue of reincarnation and past life regression confirms the fact that in 1985 in the United States for the promotion of responsible and professional approach to therapy with a past-life regressions, as well as to research in this area, and the Association of Research regression therapy. A few years later, she became international, and today has about 1,000 members from more than 20 countries.

In our country, the area of past life regression is not understood, despite the fact that the Russians are very interested in the esoteric. These clairvoyants can see pictures from the past lives of their customers, and that, as a rule, is intriguing, but the only one knowing who you were in a past life, beyond the mere satisfaction of curiosity, does not have the advantages offered by the process of regression therapy that leads us to the question: and that such a regression therapy?

Regression therapy involves the process of finding the root cause of a problem in the past, man, and work to resolve the problem. In an altered state of consciousness one recalls the events and details that are not contained in his conscious memory, or, for whatever reason, are blocked by the conscious memory. Usually, in the regression therapy altered state of consciousness is achieved through a hypnotic effect on people.

Many of the word "hypnosis" is associated with something mysterious, magical, but there is nothing mysterious about hypnosis. In our daily life we experience a hypnotic state very often, for example, when we read the book and, fascinated by the plot, forget about what's happening around, when driving a car on the track (of course, not in an urban environment), we stop to think about anything, and leads us to himself only an external action (the signal of another machine, sharp headlights, etc.). It is a condition where our consciousness that communicates with the outside world fades into the background, and is achieved with the help of directional hypnotic effect. In regression therapy usually results when using the shallow levels of hypnosis in which a person retains control of the situation and may at any time terminate the regression, if something does not suit him, especially in the early sessions. Subsequently, if a person is able to reach deep levels of hypnosis, at his request, is possible to work at these levels.

When a person is in a hypnotic state at the forefront subconscious that stores all the information about that person. If conscious memory holds only a part of the memories of our life, the memory of the subconscious stores everything that has ever happened to us, all of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through hypnosis we can remember myself at any age, including childhood, and even the prenatal period. For example, the woman suffered from a constant feeling of guilt for something obscure, and a sense of responsibility for everything, including the bad relationship between her parents. "You're to blame!" — The first thing she heard during regression. These were the words of her father, addressed to her mother, he blamed her that she was pregnant. The situation is further complicated when the mother began to abstain from conjugal duties under the pretext of pregnancy, and the father of all the complaints were sent to the unborn child. The mother, who suffers from severe toxicity, also blamed his unborn baby in his poor state of health. "It's all because of you!" — So the client's subconscious interpreted the prenatal experience, and with a feeling that a woman had lived for many years, until the regression therapy did not save her from this.

The memory of all past lives is also stored in the subconscious. traces the beginning of the occurrence of a psychological or physical problem that can be both in this and in previous lives. Dealing with the root cause of the problem provides the optimal conditions for work on its subsequent elimination. For example, the cause of excess weight gain in this life may be death by starvation in the past, people who suffer from migraines tend to remember past lives in which they received a heavy, usually fatal, head and neck injuries, the cause of fears and phobias is often a death in a previous life is what causes a phobia in the present life. For example, one of the pretty rasprostrvnennyh fears is the fear of making a mistake, at which develops the desire to do everything perfectly, just to be sure. A person suffering from this fear, under hypnosis, recalled two past lives, in one of which he was a gladiator in Rome, where error meant death, so he did his best to learn how to fight perfectly, and in the other he was a diver on an island, which also required a very good training, and the error meant death.

Most any events in the present life can become a trigger for the development of phobias, but the root cause lies in its past lives, and for a person to get rid of the problem, it is necessary to work out the root cause. For example, one client of mine suffered from a fear of water, which he developed as a child when his father, wanting to teach the boy to swim, took it to the middle of the pond for a few minutes and let go. The boy panicked, and he began to sink. His father, of course, immediately pulled out of the water, but the trauma remains for life in the form of phobia. With the help of regression therapy, we found out that his problem is the result of multiple injuries suffered in past lives. In one life, he witnessed how his little sister drowned (in the pond!), In the other he was injured during a sea battle, fell overboard and was drowned in the third, while crossing a turbulent river, his boat capsized and all , who it was, died in the waters of this river. The case in the pond has activated its subconscious memory, so that it has developed a strong phobia. As a result, regression therapy he ever got rid of his problem.

Using a regression therapy can also be traced and dynamics of human vzaimootonosheny. We reincarnate in groups, that is, many of those with whom we interact in this life, at some time in other lives were our other relative, friends, enemies, acquaintances, and so on. In other words, when we meet in the present life with these people, our relationships do not start with a clean slate, and are continuing. Often an understanding of past relationships sheds light on the hidden cause of the current conflict, which leads to a deeper understanding of the situation and help find ways to solve the current problems. For example, a man can not trust his wife, despite the fact that, by his own admission, he has no grounds for suspicion. With the help of regression therapy, it turns out that in another life, this man was a woman who was with three children, husband left her, fell in love with another woman. Another case: a woman is very difficult relationship with her mother, sometimes turning into open hostility. It turns out that in another life they both were prostitutes in the same institution, and teperyashnyaya "daughter", being younger and prettier, repulsed at the "mother" of his clients, resulting in a fit of blind rage, the present-day "mother" of her shot.

The main concept in regression therapy is the concept of karma. Karma — it is a universal law of cause and effect, action and reaction. When a person feels the some action, be sure there is a reason for this action. Both positive and negative events in our lives are the result of the actions we have committed either in this or in other lives. The fruits of what we sow today, we will reap both in this and in future lives. Even before the arrival into this world, we plan our lives, we are planning the lessons we need to learn. These lessons are usually manifested in the form of crisis. And the way we respond to the crisis, shows that we have learned a lesson or not. If we respond positively, we balance the negative karma, erase it. If we react negatively, that is, if the crisis is in our anger, revenge, bitterness, etc., so we have not yet learned the lesson, and we will be faced with similar circumstances in the future, in this or future lives. Karma is fair and impartial. Karma explains inequality that we see around us. Karma explains the disease, good health, poverty, wealth, fame, infamy, life and death. Consider the case of the so-called "positive" karma: the man has earned a lot of money. It is a reward or a test? He earned the money honestly, no one is offended, or took advantage of the situation to the detriment of others? Do not sacrifice it for the sake of the money that the more wealth? Does he use this money for the benefit of, or aggravates their negative karma, using them for their own aggrandizement? That is, the man was given an opportunity for growth. The way he will seize this opportunity will define future developments in its present or future lives. Regression therapy allows us to understand our responsibility for everything that happens to us, to trace the karmic events and circumstances in our lives, in order to learn the lessons that we ourselves had planned.

Regression therapy is not a cure-all, and is just one of the ways of understanding such a complex creature as man. However, in my opinion, the most important in past life regression is not able to remember the existence of the other, and the change of outlook on life in general, freedom from fear of death, the expansion of consciousness, the awareness that we are so much more than just the epitome Present that we are constantly developing our existence is eternal and perfect.


This is interesting:
Some famous people who believed in reincarnation:

Pythagoras (c. 580-500 BC)
Socrates (469-399 BC)
Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)
Francois Voltaire (1694-1778)
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Richard Wagner (1813-1883)
Mark Twain (1835-1910)
Henry Ford (1863-1945)
Rediyard Kipling (1865-1936)
Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)
Carl Jung (1875-1961)

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