Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of procedures that contribute to the rejuvenation of tissues and the body as a whole. Many of these procedures are successfully used by women in the home. It's all sorts of superficial peels, masks, creams, as well as the impact of contrasting temperatures (steam bath, cool off with ice, contrasting washing). In a beauty salon, all these procedures are performed by professional cosmetologists with the use of modern and effective means. Of procedures that can be used at home, very popular injection (eg, Botox), mesotherapy, implantation of gold threads.


Botox — a drug that is derived from the paralyzing substances and causes temporary atrophy of the terminal nerve endings. This allows you to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, at the temples, in the region of the upper lip. The drug administered in certain areas, causing smoothing of facial wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.

After one to two weeks after the injection comes weakening of motor activity of the muscles. Injections should be repeated every three to four months. Appeal to re beautician recommended after the patient has noticed a resurgence of muscle activity. For long-term effects should be held three sessions per year.


Mesotherapy — a method comprising administering to the skin using a special syringe-gun biologically active substances and tonic. They improve the nutrition of the skin and restore collagen fibers, accelerate the regenerative processes. For facial skin care recommended extract of embryonic tissues. It is this extract restores the regenerative functions of the skin. For the body of useful extracts from various plants, such as artichoke, grapefruit, ginkgo, which can get rid of cellulite. To achieve positive results, a course of 6-8 treatments over 1 to 1.5 months.

Chemical peels

Improve the appearance of the skin is also possible by chemical peels. Use of certain drugs, most commonly vegetable (fruit) acid removes the top layer of skin — dry, dead skin cells with altered pigmentation. Furthermore, fruit acids that stimulate the appearance of a new layer of the skin, they are good antioxidants that protect the skin from damage by ultraviolet rays. Chemical peeling depth exposure is divided intosurface, median anddeep— Division is mainly due to the use of various acids. Superficial and middle peeling conducted on an outpatient basis, require little or no training or rehabilitation. Superficial peels can be carried out once every two weeks, the median — with a break of several months. Deep peels are not recommended to do more than once a year, and only in a hospital. In the first ten days after treatment skin swells and usually covered with a crust. However, at the end of the rehabilitation period, the patient even gets rid of the wrinkles, and the effect on the entire face is comparable to the traditional surgical tightening.


Another effective and low-impact in this procedure is to Rejuvenation. During his superficial layer of the skin is not broken. The light source simply heats the desired area of skin and 50 ° C. Impact occurs at certain depth — this is achieved using a light of a different wavelength. Using this technique can remove spots, minor skin damage vessels, large pores and defects of collagen, including — wrinkles. This procedure is based on the complexity of from a few minutes to an hour. Dilated capillaries are removed immediately and completely, and major blood vessels and age spots disappear within a few days after the session. Possible redness and slight swelling of the skin, which are kept for several hours. Depending on the problem, cosmetologist appoint the required number of sessions.


One of the most effective anti-aging treatments — skin resurfacing (dermabrasion). A laser beam or a fine abrasive removes dead surface skin layer, the site of which there are young cells, new collagen and elastic fibers. Mechanical grinding is now used less and less, because with the help of lasers can not just "replace" the top layer of skin, but also to remove scars, the effects of acne or deep wrinkles. This procedure is very effective, but the complexity of approaches to plastic surgery. Laser resurfacing is usually performed in a surgical hospital, and after that comes a long enough — one and a half to two months — a period of rehabilitation.

Gold threads

Implantation of gold thread — an ancient way of preserving youth, known since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. It consists in the implantation of threads that form a kind of frame, not allowing integuments sag under gravity. After surgery patients noted improvement of elasticity of facial tissue, look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Some troubles: soft tissue swelling, small hematoma eventually pass. But the effect is achieved, which one can to appreciate with time. Skin as it were preserved and the patient, the procedure is as held for at least five years younger than their peers. Implantation of gold thread — procedure, prevents aging. Therefore, the optimal age for the first operation can be regarded as 30-35 years.

Stem cells

Expensive methods of rejuvenation with stem cells were developed in the late XIX century. They are now a reality. Received an intravenous injection of stem cell culture and intramuscular — signaling molecules, the man takes on a whole new quality of life. Retreat of the disease, improving the overall tone, memory, increased libido and potency.

Fantastic undergoes changes appearance. Without regular tedious procedures without surgery, younger man in front of astonished relatives and colleagues. Such radical changes can not be achieved by other methods. In the rejuvenation process involved not only the appearance, younger bodies, increased hormones, the body starts to produce new young, viable cells. Unfortunately, these methods has a limited number of highly qualified cosmetic clinics who have ultramodern laboratories. It is worth adding that the cost of such a procedure is available to very few.

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