Remember all the … and tell

"Amber caravan", 20.04.2004, Kaliningrad, n16, p.14
Subject space aliens and UFOs, raised us in a number of previous publications, was highly relevant for Kaliningrad. Until now, the editors continue to receive letters and calls from people who have a direct or indirect relation to aliens visiting our region.

Not long ago we received a call Anatoliy testes, who said that back in the 80's, being the artist of the original genre of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic, he performed with psychological sessions, during which the subjects exposed to hypnosis. Some of the narrated this person seemed very curious.
At the time I was a part-time students KSTU, lived in a dorm and are often among the students conducted psychological experiments. One day two guys, let's call them Basil and Peter told me the following curious history. They sat at the bus stop after school in a tram, it seems it was a "four". The people were many, but because one of them went to the front door, the other — in the back. And Bob goes to the right stop, and Petit not. He came to the dormitory, berating each other was worth, looked in the room — and it's not there. Peter appears only after an hour. Bob him, "Where have you been? Along the same sat. I saw you went to the back door." — "Yes, I have not gone anywhere. Came out of the tram — and right in the dorm."
In short, the skirmish began, and she stopped only when the boys compared notes. It turned out that they were lagging behind Petit for an hour. Puzzled students came up to me and laid out everything as a spirit. I asked Peter, "What did you feel?" He thought about it. And remember (when he went on the tram, then just do not pay attention to it) at the time of planting his foot, inscribed on the step, as if somewhere has failed. In some soft environment. Nothing else remembers.
Under hypnosis, he told me that specifically saw: "I'm in which the marble hall, but the whole body grope for the floor and walls are not cold. Some faces around me. I know that they — the aliens, but not afraid them. eyes are large, they are very similar to humans (lumpy, as he put it), head a little bit bigger. Some oddly shaped devices, as I understand, medical: I do not feel pain, I just lie there and they spend some manipulations. "
I brought a young man from a state of hypnosis. "Well, now you remember everything?" He nodded his head affirmatively. Then I asked him to undress and carefully examined the body. No scars, no needle marks could not be found … In my memory again five guys came up to me. Peter told me that at some point humanoids began to come to him at night.
Then our relationship ended.
As for the veracity of these confessions, I definitely can not expose them to any question, because they are in a state of hypnosis. As a specialist declare that this stage is simply impossible.

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