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Icelandic volcano Katla does not cause concern 

Tour operators in Europe, can sleep peacefully as the Icelandic volcano Katla, which lies under a glacier Myurdalsyekudl. Eruption, entailing because clubs ash paralyzed air traffic over the continent, in the near future is expected.

This follows from the expert comments received on 8 December from the Institute of Volcanology and seismography Academy of Sciences, which is based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, leading researcher of the active volcanic eruptions and dynamics Olga Kirin reported that recorded earthquakes are minor and Icelandic volcanologists do not see absolutely no reason to worry. While the volcanoes of this type fairly predictable.

Tour operators continue to be soothing and information on Icelandic host companies. As the chief of the department of Scandinavia and the Baltic States' Quinta tour "Elena Kuznetsova, are amazed, they say, where are these rumors? "From the Seismological Service of Iceland our partners receive clear information: danger Katla eruption is absent. But the tourists keep asking concerned questions. However, the number of tourists, greatly increasing the New Year holidays, it does not affect ", — said Elena Kuznetsova.

Meanwhile, in a poll held by, the question "How do you feel about the reports of a possible eruption of Katla?" Is the most popular answer is "I'm afraid! In tourism, the volcano … just is not enough. " In second place the assumption that the news is fabricated by journalists. Version of "Do not know" and "I do not care" section of the last line.Source:

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