Residents complain about the sound of the explosions


Residents complain about the Yurga explosions at a military training ground

Kemerovo. March 12. Interfax-Siberia — Over the past two days in a uniform traffic control services and Jurga Yurginsky district of the Kemerovo region received a half hundreds of complaints from local residents concerned about the consequences of explosions at a military training ground, the agency "Interfax-Siberia" on Monday, a source in the city administration.

According to him, the complaints poured in various offices on Saturday, after the holidays, when work was resumed on recycling shells on the training ground. March 10 there were 60 complaints, March 11 — 80 complaints.

"There were also four reports of the damage, they all worked out. Cracks were fixed on the glass and interior decoration. On some brick houses, according to residents, after the explosion a crack, and defense and emergency specialists monitor the health of these houses, "- said the source.

Source: Interfax-Siberia

In Astrakhan, again complaining of explosions at the site "Ashuluk"

Astrakhan, on March 13. With the resumption of blasting at a military munitions disposal site "Ashuluk" in Astrakhan region again observed seismic tremors, the press service of the State University of MES on Tuesday.

"10 March of the current year of munitions destruction resumed. March 11, 2012 of the population of the city of Astrakhan, Harabalinskogo and Narimanov districts in the Main Administration received more than 200 calls upon seismic events. Tremors were more powerful and intense than ever before, "- said the regional Emergencies Ministry.

Monitoring of seismic activity, which was held in the city of Astrakhan and Narimanov during the demolition works at the site "Ashuluk" showed that during the ongoing work on the munitions destruction in Astrakhan felt seismic events.

In the press service noted that, in connection with the termination of blasting from 7 February to 10 March 2012 complaints from the public on the fact of seismic activity has been reported.

Rescuers say that the situation is the personal control of the governor of the region, the chairman of BP and CSF and EMERCOM Russia's Astrakhan region.

"Steps are being taken to resolve the situation," — added in the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.


Villagers Levashi Tyumen district complain about the destruction of homes from explosions at the site

13.03.12.Zhiteli village Levashi Tyumen district complained about the destruction of homes of ammunition explosions that occur on military training ground in the immediate vicinity. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense are ready to repair the damage, but the destruction of the buildings must prove expertise.

As reported by To Nakanune.RU in the management of information policy of the Administration of the Tyumen region, meeting with villagers spent the district head Vladimir Gultyaev and the commander of the military unit, waste disposal ammunition Stanislav Semernya. Also took part in the work of the head Chervishevsky MO Michael Kapustin. The main topic of the meeting was the safety of the public living near the military ground.

Most inhabitants of the village are concerned about the safety of their property. Many complained that their homes can not withstand a dangerous neighborhood and begin to break down. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense has once again assured everyone that they are fully aware of their responsibility to the public and are willing to compensate for the damage. But wishing to obtain compensation through examination will prove that the destruction of the buildings it was the actions of the military.

Stanislav Semernya explained to the villagers that the destruction of ammunition have served their sentences is an important task of the state. The military set a rigorous schedule of disposal. Break it, they are not eligible. Every day, engineers have disposed of 80 tons of ammunition to meet the deadline of 25 November, as specified in the order the District Commander.

Vladimir Gultyaev, head of the district, in turn, said: "We are alert to the complaints of residents coming to us. In this regard, I look forward to working closely with the Ministry of Defence. Today it was announced that in the next month, the military will move to a new way of disposal of ammunition. He will dispose of large amounts of ammunition by burning, which ultimately lead to fewer explosions and reduce their power. Now trying out a new method by specialists Ural Plant of fireworks that have already arrived at the training ground. "


Residents complain of honey agarics Petersburg sounds of explosions

12.03.12.Na north of St. Petersburg again hear the sounds of explosions that rattled residents last year. The military said that at the sites of Leningrad region, in fact, resumed work on the disposal of expired ammunition. They argue that all explosions are absolutely safe.

In the north of St. Petersburg today again hear the sounds of explosions that are done in a stir last year. Then be responsible for the mysterious explosion was forced even the governor Georgy Poltavchenko, who explained to the citizens that the military utilize shells at landfills in the Leningrad region. However, military commanders said that supplies utilized regularly, and strange noises in the north of St. Petersburg — a new event, so that the connection between these two events do not.

However, many citizens still associate the sounds of explosions, which have ceased to be heard in St. Petersburg in the winter, but recently resumed, it was the work of the military. Many fire alarm on the car. However, as reported BaltInfo referring to the press service of the Western Military Region, the military said all blasting is safe. According to Press Secretary Andrei Bobrun WEST, ammunition disposal resumed on March 10, after a pause, due to the adverse weather conditions. In total, in 2012, planned to dispose of about 300 tons of ammunition from expiring. This is less than half last year, so the intensity is half the explosions.

"People are risking their lives every day to protect the citizens," — said Bobrun, explaining that the ammunition expired pose a serious threat.


The village Semiozere due to explosions of ammunition could collapse house

15.03.12.Zhiteli Semiozere village in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region several months living in fear: nearby there is a military training ground and it will dispose of ammunition.

"Eerie rumbling, deafened, glass ring" — describes the situation in the village. Residents of the block house number 53 and did fear that building, "built like a house of cards." In the Western Military District believe that villagers exaggerate the danger.

Western Military District March 10 resumed hostilities disposal of waste. Indistinct hum that probably could be associated with the activities at the sites, heard residents of the northern districts. But the epicenter was in the little village in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region called Semiozere. At least, so say the villagers.

"If you knew what was going on in our village: once again began to blow, is a terrible roar, deafened, glass ring, we have the 53 th house flew out the window if you are in an apartment, it is just terrible — the house swinging from side to side — the message for the "People's Line" Vesti "left Semiozerya resident Helen. — How many of you can make fun of people? I understand that need to be disposed of, but is it impossible to do more gentle way? Do not lay the smaller shells in one blast? In fact there were also days when almost blew softly, why not blow up like that? "

Indeed, the inhabitants of the house number 53 in the village for months Semiozere live in fear. This Neva24 employee told a local pharmacy Tatiana Mahneva. According to her, the main shock wave falls on the house.

"Everything is boarded up with nails: frames from such explosions just fly. It all started a long time ago, and before the election (March 4. — Neva24) stopped. We just renovated the staircase, as again there was a roar. Afraid to live. House number 53 — block, block, there may be, as a house of cards. Where not only wrote: and sent a telegram to the president, and a woman from the fifth floor is suing the military — her wall destroyed by explosions, — says Tatiana Mahneva. — Authorities have located in the village of Polyana, from time to time they come Commission — looks that everything is OK, but as soon as the leaves — it all starts on the new. "

According to local residents, the landfill is "beside the road — less than a kilometer from the village." However, the press service of the WEST Neva24 correspondent said that this simply can not be.

"At the moment the complaint from the village have been received. Zone Security at the site is 2 kilometers — directly from the places of detonation. Further around the landfill are military camps and families, — the press-secretary Andrei Bobrun WEST. — Last year, we brought journalists: they shot at a distance of 400 meters from the place of explosion, nothing, all the cells remained intact. Plan to organize a check at the beginning of April. "

To March 10, the military really made a break for three weeks and did not recycle. However, as we are assured in the WEST, it is not related to the presidential election, and the weather conditions. Recycling will continue throughout the year. Average per day get rid of a ton of the "legacy of the Soviet Army": it is about 10 to 100 kilograms of explosions of ammunition.

"We recycle what's left of the Soviet army in warehouses, arsenals. In view of the urbanization of the city came to arsenal — and we are doing everything possible to unload those arsenals. Naturally, there will be some inconvenience — adds Bobrun. — They say, though in Petersburg Car The alarm is triggered. But if this were so, all around the grounds to lay in ruins! "

Recall the fall of 2011 to frightening explosions residents complained Sestroretsk. However, at the moment at the Spa area has no claims to the military. "Yes, a couple of days ago thundered once more, but not much," — said a resident Neva24 Sestroretsk Victoria.


Chelyabinsk residents again complained tremors

13.03.12.V Chelyabinsk in the past two days, again recorded seismic tremors of unknown origin. However, this time shift the blame on the military from Chebarkulsky landfill is not possible.

According to the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Chelyabinsk region in the March 12 there were three appeals Chelyabinsk residents complaining of renewed seismic shocks caused by swinging the upper floors of buildings. Add that and the editorial staff March 12 also repeatedly noted, "Tremors", more familiar in the fall of 2010, but from the editorial in the official structures of none reported. Unfortunately, at the moment not possible to establish the number of complaints of citizens in the management of civil protection administration of the capital of the Southern Urals. However, information about some notable failures also not: seismic tremors, like half a year ago, largely limited impact on the psyche.

Recall the theme of "Earthquake" was relevant to Chelyabinsk in autumn 2010, when the tremors began to rock the unknown origin of the building on the north-west and center of the city. City hall and the regional authorities then accused of going on the army, realizing on Chebarkul military range program of destruction of obsolete ammunition. Despite the provision of military calculations that no air or underground shock wave could not get out of Chebarkul to Chelyabinsk, the army team and they will be left in that situation. Their reputation has worsened and that renewed in January 2012, the program has caused a flurry of indignation among the residents of nearby villages to the landfill, where explosions of shells resulted in actual damage to homes. However, since the destruction program was suspended and resumed today. According to the deputy Nepryahinskogo rural settlement Anna Zharova March 12 and 13 at the site was quiet. So that the nature of the current seismic shocks hardly wears military insignia.


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