Residents of Grozny was an explosion of an old building for earthquake


28.10.11.Vecherom October 27 in the central part of Grozny residents felt a strong tremor. As it turned out, the cause of the earth's surface vibrations emergency demolition was a multistory building, the correspondent of the "Caucasian Knot".

The explosion seriously scared of people who took it for an earthquake and thought that might happen in Chechnya repetition of the events that occurred in Turkey on October 23, when a massive earthquake has resulted in numerous casualties and destruction. Earthquake and echoed in the South Caucasus: the people of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the day felt some tremors force from three to five.

"My family and I were at home, when suddenly there was a buzz and there was a strong push. We immediately grabbed children and ran outside. Because we decided that it was an earthquake. It was pretty scary, because the last few days on TV, there are constant reports of the consequences of the earthquake in Turkey ", — told the" Caucasian Knot "resident of the Leninsky district of Grozny Markha C.

According to the woman, the people were in a panic, and all spent some time on the street, waiting for new aftershocks. "Our five-story building is quite shaken, and there was a real panic. Children and some women wept. Simultaneously push the lights went out, which further increased the panic, "- she said.

About the same thing they say and the other residents of Grozny, living in the city center. The supply of electricity to residential houses resumed after about half an hour after shutdown.

In the MOE Chechnya information about what happened on October 27 earthquake in the capital is not confirmed. As it turned out, an earthquake in Grozny was due to other causes.

"There was no earthquake in Grozny was not. Push that residents felt the city — the consequences of the planned destruction of accidental dwelling house, which was located near the railway station in Grozny "- reported in MES.

A ministry spokesman could not answer the question of why people were not warned about the impending demolition of the old building in the center of the capital, so as to avoid speculation about what happened the earthquake and the panic among the citizens.

The "Caucasian Knot" earthquake in Chechnya earlier, on September 9, there were no human casualties, destruction and casualties. Fluctuations in the earth's surface were observed in about 20 kilometers north-east of Grozny.

March 3 in Chechnya have also reported the earthquake. The epicenter of tremors was in the Grozny district of the republic, but the tremors were felt in the capital. In addition, the tremors have been recorded on the night of March 3, in the mountainous part of the republic. Earthquake in the Grozny district magnitude 2-2.5 points does not lead to death and destruction.

Earlier tremors in Chechnya recorded November 6, 2010. Then, in the south-eastern Chechnya, an earthquake of up to three points. Tremors of 10-15 seconds was felt in three areas of the country — a mountainous Nozhai-Yurt and foothill Kurchaloi and Gudermes.

In October 2008, the republic was a strong earthquake, in which it was destroyed and partially damaged over ten thousand buildings and private homes. The victims of this earthquake were 13 people, including five children, and more than a hundred residents of the republic were injured. The total damage caused by this earthquake, was more than four and a half billion rubles.

Source: Caucasian Knot

The earthquake occurred in the capital of Chechnya

27.10.11. Tremors felt the residents of the city of Grozny. No casualties or damage is still unknown. Geophysics recorded earthquakes of magnitude 2.7.

After the earthquake in Turkey, even small tremors in the capital of Chechnya order frightened residents.

— Tremors we felt when they were sitting in the classroom — told Life News CSU student Alaev Hussein. — We will run out into the street, turned out to be an earthquake.

According to experts, the shaking ground for less than a minute.

— Recorded a magnitude 2.7 seismic activity — reported to MOE Chechnya. — No injuries or damage.

In some areas of the city for safety cut electricity. But just a half-hour supply of electricity to homes resumed.

Nikita Mogutin

Source: Life News Online

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