Residents of northern Canada, Iceland and Alaska could see the northern lights

Residents of northern Canada, Alaska and Iceland could see amazingly beautiful aurora borealis. The sky is painted in hundreds of shades of turquoise, green, purple and blue. Such a glow caused by the worst outbreak in the sun on March 7. Experts assign it the highest level of intensity.

I must say that the strongest radiation felt by the residents of which are close to the poles. But at the equator such outbreaks have not noticed, television reported "Russia 24".

Those most at risk from such solar activity, oddly enough, not exposed to people and equipment. Falls under attack and The International Space Station
and working on the orbiting satellites. Electronic devices in the first place, navigation and radio communications, due to the strong electron pulses can be wrong or even fail. In this regard, the magnetic storm airlines recommend changing routes to avoid flying near the poles. The strongest magnetic storm in the history of observations was recorded in 1859. Then she called the failure of telegraph systems all over Europe and North America.

The next 18 months will be marked by an exceptionally high solar activity. During this time there will be up to six high-power electromagnetic storms, which will fall to Earth. With such a forecast made known astrophysicist Briton Maggie Aderin-Peacock.


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