Revenge dug mounds

November 20, 2012 20:21

In our time, the Scythians, an ancient warlike people, little is known. Legendary mention of this mysterious tribe can only be found in the Greek and Byzantine sources.

However, the Scythians were not only amazing stories, but also frightening legacy — damn mounds!

In the spring of 1983 in the south-eastern part of Tiraspol (Transnistria Republic) were studied three barrows related to the early Iron Age. They were piled numerous representatives of the Scythian tribes living in the northern Black Sea coast in VII-III centuries BC. e.

A terrible thing happened during the excavation of one of them.

From the start of excavations around .. Mound some strange events: a technique often fail, workers are constantly tested various ailments, and nature behave unpredictably (despite weather forecasts).

Sleep is not in your hand

One night, after a few days of the start of archaeological work, excavation director Victor Negadaevu and two of his colleagues at the same time had a strange dream.

On the mound could be seen smeared figure a short man, he went down. His head was surmounted by Grinning cleft palate. In his left hand he held a bone staff, and the right — a human skull filled with thick dark blood. Approaching the dreamer, a mysterious stranger handed them the skull and staff raised to the sky. With his mouth began to fall apart sharp and loud words in a foreign language (as it suggested it was the language of the Scythian priests). Instantly reigned around darkness and lightning flashed. Piercing the impenetrable darkness, they struck the staff who appeared sorcerer. Participants then heard a distinct voice dreams, this one sounded in their own language:

"I am the AI — the son of the great tribe avhatov, am accountable for peace glorious kings and valiant soldiers endless steppe. You dare to defile the eternal memory of their ancestors. The opening of the disposal on your forehead and your land will be imposed suicidal signs … "

Then the angry priest poured blood from the skull feet archaeologists, and the vision disappeared.

Of course, brought up in an atheistic spirit gave archaeologists dream values, referring to the experience of the expected findings. They assumed that the mound had to solve the mystery Lipoksai, the founder of the tribe of priests — avhatov, one of the sons of legendary Targitai (the first man).

The excavations continued, but the case again very slow. Broke all the time and fail excavator. For four days, three of them seriously ill members of excavation, two injured due to which could not continue to work. Other workers are constantly complaining about the unnatural weakness and malaise. It seemed that to get to the burial is not possible.

Reprisal from the past

A month hard work finally managed to dig up the ground burial. Some residents of the neighboring village then argued that in this bright and sunny day on the defiled mound swirled dark haze. Archaeologists do not see these changes, but noted that in the time of work done to their camp nailed a flock of stray dogs, and in a day when excavated mounds, the dogs were gone without a trace. After removal from the mound of remains and artifacts found that under him, offering a traditional burial Scythian warriors from different periods.

Upon completion of the mound leveled, and the area became plain view an area of several acres.

When archaeological finds transported to the local museum, with members of excavation, a number of accidents. The first hit the excavator driver Vitaly Lupu lost control of his car, he had an accident, received open leg fracture and broke two right ribs. The next was one of the archaeologists Sergei Jacko: a month after the excavation of the mound he was diagnosed with cancer (after two years Jacko died in terrible agony.) During an expedition to the ancient caves of Moldova in one of them was covered with another archaeologist — Nikolai Sintsov. It miraculously survived. Other participants suffered less: someone dying pets, someone "got away" a long illness.

Ghibli plain

But in this mysterious incident did not end. For ten years, the district administration received complaints from the shepherds and other villagers Middle Farm, next to the plain. Shepherds complained that cattle accidentally wandered into the damn place, mysteriously died in a few days. Local veterinarians found no apparent cause of what is happening. Residents of the nearby outskirts of the village complained of feeling sick and weak. They are also worried about constant nightmares.

Rumors about the curse of the ancient mound quickly scattered throughout the county, and the people called this source of evil perished plain. On its territory could see many of the remains of dead birds. Birds flying over the plain, without good reason, fell dead to the ground.

As you know, any curse gradually loses its strength. Archaeologists say that the mysterious phenomena and ill effects after excavation mounds usually take several months, and sometimes even a few days. But perished plain rendered monstrous impact on the residents of the village and poor animals for ten years. And even today, after 29 years, bypass local shepherds with their flocks harmful side seat, explaining that even though cattle no longer dies, but the plain is still a bad influence on him.

Peter Antonov, 53-year-old shepherd from the village of Middle Farm, told the story when he himself suffered from the evil influence of black spot, "I do not remember how many years has worked as a shepherd, I know here every path and every blade of grass. Tales of plain bad job in his time ponaslushalsya. Although yourself, then I have never believed, but their cattle away from sin assigned to these places. And the grass is there is no good. Now I can confidently say that all told — though a few years ago he was convinced.

One day I was with his flock not far from the plains, and here we found a strong thunderstorm with a storm wind. Was nowhere to hide, the shortest route to the nearest shelter was lying just across the godforsaken plain. We had no choice — drove his herd to the shelter by her. Reached quickly. Waited out the storm and headed home.

In the evening, nothing happened, but that night I had a nightmare: that I would take his goats and threw one on the cliff, and then he got into it. Arriving at the morning milking, discovered that my goats are afraid of me. As yet, the efforts, I have prepared them for milking, it turned out that no one there is no milk. It lasted a month. We are grandparents, I remember when hardly ends meet. And they say that if a man on the plain is delayed for a few hours, his weakness and begin to overcome various ailments … "

Mounds killer

Also in 1983, five kilometers from godforsaken plains, on the outskirts of Tiraspol, the street was a gap Krasnodonskaya another mound at number 314. His story for the local people and to this day remains a sad. After the excavation near the mound built multifamily residential five-storey building. Immediately after the settlement house was split in half, but it was decided not to evict anyone. Slit slipped, and the house strengthened ties. But the trouble did not stop.

In the first year after settling in the house for various reasons, 8 people died, and over its 25-year history of the house took the lives of dozens of residents. There is a legend among the Sheriff about the cursed house — the house in which he lives death. But not everyone knows what is really the cause of all misery lies not in the house, and in the powerful curse of the ancient mound, which is located next to the building.

As you know, the most dangerous mounds had besides sinister incantations and curses still treacherous traps. For example during the excavation of one of the numerous mounds in Ukraine, archaeologists discovered the remains Cryptstalker V century. When a marauder dug a tunnel and was approaching the burial chamber, the ground above his head sank and the offender was crushed by a huge stove, deliberately set at the entrance to the burial chamber of the mound.

Bloody legend

Mounds are usually built in areas of geopathic anomalies. Scythians believed that such anomalies are transitions from the world of the living to the dead, so the burial in these places remains of the dead souls of the dead makes moving to another world. Huge earthen mounds erected, building on people's beliefs. According Scythian mythology, the soul of the deceased, climbing the sacred mountain, can achieve the highest Divine World. Thus, mounds symbolized the sacred mountain and is sort of beacon for souls lost in the earthly realm, and have forgotten about the ascent to the Light World of the Gods.

Scythian burial mounds had a different shape, but the main and traditional is a huge earthen mound over the burial of a noble fellow. Tradition oblige friends and relatives of the deceased were buried with things they enjoyed in life. But not because these items can supposedly needed in the dead of Newerth, and fear that the dead can come for the usual subjects of his articles and, not knowing ones, seriously hurt them. Due to the fact that in many burrow mounds of jewelry, gold and other valuables, Scythian shamans and magicians in order to secure the peace of the dead, was applied to the mounds terrible spell. Their knowledge of blood magic Scythian priests inherited from antiquity. Their pagan rites were horrific in nature. Energy ritual curses and protective spells greatly amplified by the priests with the blood sacrifice of animals. The effect was fixed grand feast, held directly on the mounds themselves.

Not surprisingly, professional archaeologists, watching the tragic consequences of the invasion of the dead, with a great fear of taking up the excavations of ancient tombs of mighty warriors and majestic kings. So to this day in the Black Sea region, and the whole of Russia, still stands intact many ancient mounds that hold a grand mystery and riches of ancient times.

Stanislav Stanev

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