Riddle of the little boy

In 1963, tragedy struck. Darting across the street, hit by a truck 12 year old Terence.

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Stunned by grief parents could not come to terms with his death. Doctors have declared to them that the children they will no longer be. The doctors were wrong, and three years later, Eileen, the mother of the deceased, has given birth to another child, also a boy, named Frank. Boy born on the behavior and gestures did not differ from the dead, but of course, it did not cause suspicion — they all still brothers. When Frank was two years old, his behavior was a surprise.

Terence during the life of loved to come to my mother, hug e per lap and babble "Turn on the TV, I want to watch a series about sheriff of Dodge City." The woman became ill when she heard this request, because this movie is no longer shown. As a child, this series has been a favorite among the older boy. Where is Frank learned the name? That same evening, two year old son met his father shouting "Pa has come!".

"Pa" — it was a brand diminutive — affectionately nicknamed eldest son. After a while, the kid asked where their old red car. At Rogers had the car seven years ago, in which they were traveling with Terence on the West Coast.

Then Frank asked his father to renovate an old tricycle. The father at first did not understand what was going on, but then remembered that I was a long time ago Terence bike with a broken wheel, which was thrown out before his death. He also asked about the deceased dog Baths, and many other things. When they were brought into the house of a poodle Toots, parents have turned to the priest, and he in turn advised to consult a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist in turn showed deceased friends of the deceased, and the boy called everyone by name. Frank Rogers interested scientists at Harvard University, and his childhood was passed in the laboratories and institutes to study the paranormal abilities of the brain.

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