Riddles Medveditskaia ridge

January 20, 2013 21:08

Medveditskaya range, at a distance of 15-18 kilometers from the city Zhirnovskaya represents a ridge height of about 250 meters. Witnesses claim that there is created unimaginable for normal human things — except that different types of UFO appears there almost every week, Medveditskaya ridge just attracts fireballs. Here their whole flock. They say that sometimes you can observe several quietly flying low above the ground fireballs, who routinely burn their way through the thick trees. By the way, so miraculously burned trees do occur there often enough! In addition, according to some researchers anomalies Medveditskaia ridge lightning fly directly over these two are under the ground in shallow water caves. According to local legend, these caves are flat and parallel to each other underground tunnels in diameter, according to various estimates, between 6 and 20 meters, also having a smooth and even walls. According to legend, in ancient times used the tunnels that Volga robbers, the gypsies horse thieves who quietly led away the horses through the caves in an unknown direction. However, during the war in 1942, the entrance to the tunnels allegedly detonated.

Among other things, there is also a so-called cursed place — Devil's lair. "The properties and the nature of the Devil's lair for a long time can not explain the specialists, as well as not be able to find an antidote to all that is happening in that area. Tell me, for example, the local machine — how to hold a flat track. Every time tilled furrow made most experienced tractor driver, the next day is a curve, like a viper, of which there is also full of …

… November 11, 1990 this was the case: thirty feet from the dirt road, right in the center of Den, a local shepherd Biesen Mamaev sat down with fatigue on pile of hay. According to the protocol, "assistant shepherd, distracted briefly, found the charred body of Mamaev, lying on the ground with no signs of struggle or counter fire. Death probably occurred instantly as a result of sharp charring of the body … "The strange thing, that death crept up Biesen inside.

An autopsy showed that the young organism to death was in order and that the maximum burn was in the spine and internal organs, and the skin was charred and blackened only. "

This rather lengthy comment owned enthusiast-researcher puzzles Medveditskaia ridge Vadim browed, coordinator of the research organization "Kosmopoisk", specializing in the study of the ordinary. Members of this organization for the past two decades in a row doing research in Medveditskaia ridge. As already mentioned in the introduction, these places just swarm UFO. Come here and strange objects triangular shape, glowing round or spherical objects. Some local residents say that even saw the landing of a UFO's …
There are many more secrets of this anomalous zone stores in our area, what are spurting out of the ground very strange keys. At one point, out of the ground comes with distilled water, and the other has a radioactive source?

It would seem, for science is a lot of work. However, apart from amateur enthusiasts official scientists conducting serious research here, as far as we know, has not happened. A pity, perhaps allowing some mysteries of this small piece of the Volgograd Region, science will discover something important to the whole planet that can change the lives of all mankind.

In addition, give a short list of anomalous zones of Russia:

Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, the catacombs in Eye (Kaluga region), dinosaur graveyard in irradiated (Amur Region) ravine Always (Volgograd region) Lake Dead (Magadan Oblast) cave in the area Staritsa (Tver region), Eye of the Dragon Cave (Volgograd Region ) plateau Putarana (Krasnoyarsk Territory), the river Shuya (Karelia) Hill of barometer (Primorye) Bloody Gate (Yakutia), a snake hole (Moscow Region), Mountain Dead (Sverdlovsk region), Black Devil Cave (Cave Kashkulakskaya , Krasnoyarsk Territory) Death Mountain (Karelia) hill Kyzburun (Kabardino-Balkaria), the Cherepovets marshes (Vologda Region) Black Stream (Kaluga region), Devil's Meadow (Krasnoyarsk Territory) Ferris mound (Kaluga region) Ferris Cemetery (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Devil's lair (Medveditskaya range, Volgograd, Saratov region).

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