Riding the Dragon: predictions feng shui masters for 2012

January 26, 2012 7:55

Want to know what to expect in 2012? Chinese feng shui master made their forecasts of major issues in the year of the dragon.

While Chinese communities around the world are preparing to meet the new year on Monday, astrologers and geomancy predict that the year of the dragon will bring natural disasters and financial volatility, especially for those suffering from the crisis in Europe.

"The world economy in the year of the dragon will be unstable, because the economy in Europe and the U.S. continue to feel the effects of a recession," said Hong Kong feng shui master Anthony Cheng.

With celebrity astrologer Peter says that in the end, the United States will bring good news, but his prognosis is bleak for Europe.

"Europe will not recover soon — it is expected that the problems it will be at least up to 2014-th." For America is, was considered in 2013, there is a possibility of recovery.

If you are going to ride the dragon and in 2012 to do investments, Russia and China could be your best choice. Two growing market in this volatile year will show the best results, says Cheng.

But be prepared for surprises, especially in China, as the Communist Party will hold the 18th Congress on the choice of a new generation of leaders.

"In the second half of the year in China broke out major corruption scandal," warns Cheng, refusing to specify who exactly will be involved in it.

Many Chinese are serious about such forecasts and adjust them according to your life. In the Chinese world of Feng Shui, which is an ancient teaching force qi, or life energy, is a part of everyday life.

Well-known Hong Kong astrologer Alioni Yeoh said should prepare for storms and floods. "Wait for the big floods in areas such as Thailand and South East China," he says.

"Indonesia, Pakistan, India and parts of China this year are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. There are frequent earthquakes, "he says.

As for the popular belief that the May calendar supposedly predicts the December 21 end of the world, Peter Co, as most historians believe that there is no need to fear the approaching end of the world.

"Judgment Day is just a fantasy," he says.

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