River Kalmius gone underground

Karst holes

12.01.11.Prosnuvshis morning, our long-term reader, a retired mechanic from the village Starobeshevskiy Razdolnoye Ivan S. Yu found that Kalmius suddenly disappeared. Road bridge was in position, still soaking in the rain dejected willows and the river, alas, was absent. This was staying in retirement landowner immediately informed the correspondent of the "Donbass".

— No, — he said on the phone — people did not catch a fish with his hands. They collected scrap. Turns out his line to lying on the floor. One of my distant relative passed almost half a ton of all sorts of trash. A Kalmius say went underground in Komsomolsk.

The case was a smell sensation. Still, you see, not every day the river fall in the lists of the missing. Therefore, does not go directly to the city of Komsomolsk. First conversation was a miner, Anatoly, he spoke about the events preceding the strange behavior of the main waterway of Donetsk region

— It began with the end of the garden that my mother in law the estate formed hole size ten by ten meters. For a couple of weeks before the event there was observed depression. Once the equipment was gone, through which poured a failure, there was another emergency — the land subsided, where a half hour ago there were a bulldozer and heavy truck. But this stuff, the main battle with the rebellious river turned over a mile away. You see, there are still more people work and technique.

From the place — in the quarry

In place of the large-scale operations in recent years, the correspondent of "Donbass" went, accompanied by the Chief Geologist Mining Administration Anna Volkova and director of life and general issues Viktor Ilchenko. True, up close failed without a snaryazheniya.Vezde could see the ruined mountain land, and began the night rain came in full force.

— Kalmius — said Viktor — we are almost back to the track. Therefore, given the bad weather, the main work is temporarily turned off. They will start when it's cold front forecasters promised. And people need a little rest. Who — New Year holidays, and to whom — hour rush job.

"To return Kalmius in place and fill gaps on the bank, — said the director of the home and general affairs of the enterprise Victor Ilchenko — it took more than a thousand cubic meters of rock."

And it was not an exaggeration. In addition to failures Kalmius gnawed a hole in the dike separating the river from the quarry. Water rushed roaring down the multimeter ledges threatening pour technique and working at maximum capacity pumps. Emerged clearly critical moment, tear the minute extended, and it made it difficult to access the trees.

— In total — continues Viktor Ilchenko — here was delivered more than a thousand cubic meters of rock. Thus the enterprise carried significant losses from clotting primary production, but no other way, believe me, was not. This opinion came from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Moreover, they found the miners of the only right.

Differences on the disputed mark

As you know, trouble walking necessarily pair. Local water utilities, using a force majeure situation, once again quick to blame the miners to say: thanks to them periodically city remains without water. Indeed, the local industry is not the best effect on living conditions of the population. Dust, excessive noise, explosions. But here we must remember that there were no discomfort yesterday, and with the first shovels and workers' barracks on the shore Kalmius. Consequently, they must be, or just accept it, or make it less noticeable, which can only be achieved through close contact city authorities, public utilities and mining administration leaders.

After lengthy discussions and familiarity with the official findings concluded that the partnership could be better. So vodokanaltsy accused miners that thanks to them water out of the wells, resulting in loosening of the soil bombings there get dirt out of the river. Director of the Mining Department, Vladimir Kolesnikov on this account has the opposite view.

— Look — he scribbled on a piece of paper cut to the ground water abstraction site — here are the well, the depth of some two hundred meters. However vodokanaltsy prefer to keep deposits at around seventy meters, which could very well get the river water. Of course,

apply it to two hundred meters is difficult and expensive, but this is the most appropriate solution to urgent problems. As for the inconvenience which causes river residents, the entity does not remain away from their elimination. By the way, the failure near the homestead Dina Komarova already filled up.

Bomb on the right bank

Vodokanaltsy Well, let no offense will be taken, not as consistent as miners mining administration. Komarova agrarian neighbor Ivan Voynovsky showed correspondent "Donbass" pit, from which he escaped brisk stream.

— Vodokanaltsy — he explained — excavated soil on-site break, and so it was left. Now here's a few years frog frolic. Drive around the city, be sure to will discover a couple more of these outbursts … I guess that is why we charge per cubic meter of seven hryvnia.

Indeed, on the opposite bank we Kalmius chief geologist and director of the home discovered another leak — or rather, bursting out of the ground geyser. Here, in three hundred feet from the rush, peacefully flowed muddy stream, which even at a distance smelled sewage. Therefore became clear komsomolchan lament the fact that drinking water smells like sewage.

River gnawed through the dam and rushed down the ledges to the bottom pit.

However, the shock has a different — namely, left near the city reservoir tank with chlorine. Access to the vessel, except for the unlocked lock is provided to everyone. And after one turn of the valve can poison the whole city …

And the last. What happened in the New Year on the beach Kalmius certainly belongs to the category of an emergency. Moreover, the situation without any exaggeration in a critical, and only through the efforts of the miners managed to defend the quarry from flooding. However, they consider themselves still ongoing operation to curb Kalmius as something mundane, repetitive. Therefore, our reader from Starobeshevskiy village Razdolnoye especially should not be surprised if he ever sees a window of its own, that the river suddenly disappeared.

Bypassing the whirlpool

"Donbass" is talking about the vagaries Kalmius which occasionally presents "gifts" of the miners and residents of Komsomolsk ore administration of a small but well-kept city. In the unpredictability of the river I saw when I tried to overcome the least suited to row section of the river for navigation. Fortunately, the time could hear the noise emitted by Whirlpool. To avoid being swallowed the water plastic bottles, drag boat portage.

About two weeks later, after returning home, I asked the chief engineer of the mine administration Alexander Volkov comment occurrence.

— Production activity certainly affected the behavior of the river, — he said. — In addition, it is at this point flows through a tectonic fault, replete karst cavities, where water leaves the deepening pits. And pumping had to spend costly electricity. As for your whirlpool is formed it is likely to place the punched holes in the bottom sediments.

The existence of such gaps periodically reported fishermen, tourists and amateurs divers. These signals are usually coincided with the sharp rise of the water level in a particular career. In a matter of urgency set off on a reconnaissance group of the leading specialists of the company, and at the same time were taken from the major works of bulldozers, excavators, heavy trucks. And so happened that the water discharged into the boulders weighing several tons river swallowed a half-second or two.

Yuri Hoban. Photo by the author.

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