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I am often asked about the importance of sleep and dreams in human life. So I decided to cover this topic from the point of view of metapsychology and esotericism.

Son of man consists of two phases: a "fast", or surface, sleep, and a "slow" or deep sleep. It was during the "fast" sleep the person is conscious and sees the dream. EEG of the brain during the "fast" sleep virtually indistinguishable from the waking state. A "slow" sleep need for braking some processes in the brain, and hence to relax the body.

Thus, the "slow" sleep — an unconscious process. "Fast" is a dream takes only 25% of night-time, but that it is involved in the stabilization of the human psyche.

Dreams also use the information of two types: the subconscious thought forms and thought forms outside. Subconscious — drive unsold information — the building material of dreams. Chaotic, unrealized mental information are unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled plans, fantasies. In the waking state, this information is partially outside the consciousness of the surrounding space, and the remaining "displaced" in the subconscious. And during the "fast" sleep is free "to flow" of information back from the subconscious to the conscious. It is very important to the human psyche, as thought forms are carriers of mental energy. Unit of measure of mental energy — biota. Psychic energy is transformed into the consciousness of feelings and emotions — the astral energy. Thus obtained astral energy supplies some segments of the brain, spinal cord whole, nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

The subconscious mind also protects from external thought forms of penetrating the common information space. Some thought-forms and their components (biota) and logical units (characters) and encoded differentiated consciousness, that is understood. Only in an orderly manner information can be perceived, and its energy is transformed. A thought-form is automatically sent unconscious to the subconscious. The subconscious mind while awake person accumulates this chaotic material, and during sleep it sells in the form of dreams. If it was not a dream, blood vessels of the brain just would not stand the growing potential of the biota. So the dream — is a process of reflection and prochuvstvovaniya received information from the subconscious.

Esoterically the same dream and the dream — this is a temporary infiltration of human consciousness in the "anti-world." Tibetan yoga "slow" (unconscious) sleep is called dark Bardo. "Fast" dream called the "wheel of karma." A meditative state they feel faint or clear Bardo. Light (clear) Bardo is considered by Nirvana, if push it in a clockwise direction (centrifugal rotation Kalachakra).

In the Slavic Vedanta "slow" sleep refers to the Na'vi, "fast" dream — to Reveal and trance state — to the right.

It is well known that on the basis of decoded dreams can make predictions for the future. One method — the principle of reflection. For example, if you dream about a horse — is to break the car and if dream boyfriend (girlfriend) — this is a conflict, if the dream of a fly — it's neat to know this woman, and if a cockroach dream — to get acquainted with a decent man, etc. There are other complementary methods of interpretation of dreams. The correct interpretation of dreams can help Yantra Yoga practice.

Light your dreams!

Swann Radom, Simferopol

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The Secret Doctrine 7.2004

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