Roads appear Berdsk meter dips

Karst holes

1.09.11.Provaly in the land and the destruction of the roadway residents associated with the critical condition of utilities and unfair implementation of road repairs.

Land out from under the feet
— Come every day — inviting passers friendly employee Combine municipal public services, looking out of the hole on the road in the city center — we are here for a long time now.
The failure of the road surface on Lenin Street at the intersection with the street Herzen occurred, according to the inspector's supervision Alex Taygarova Road, in the afternoon of 30 August. Area around the pit meter deep fenced, traffic police it "visits", the staff BMF eliminate emergency.

— Generally, it is strange — is perplexed pensioner Victor Kartashov, who moved to Berdsk four years ago from Yakutia — why here so often fall through the ground? In Yakutia'd never met, but there is stony ground. In European Russia lived — also do not remember this.
In early summer, the street Lermontov someone caring berdchan stool left in the asphalt, denoting such a dangerous place, where the asphalt went down almost a meter. Another hole, adds Alex Taygarov appeared recently on the corner of Pushkin and the Kirov.
— God knows why the ground falls away — shrugs inspector dornadzora — experts will understand, perhaps the old municipal networks, their repair is not done the same.

Storm sewer pipes in the street covered with red or Siberia, or run into the road border

Speaking about the reasons for the destruction of the road on the main Berdsk, hard workers blame the well, and next to it a hole. Foreman BMF Evgeny Timofeev agrees that failure is likely to have occurred because of the construction pit. Perhaps even suggests that flimsy stamped soil before laying the asphalt during the recent renovation of the road.

Major repairs to the roadway widening of the carriageway was performed at the site in 2008 by LLC "Clear-Technology." Who at that time deputy chairman of the Housing Viktor Savelyev claimed that the storm drains in the street Lenin made by the puncture point, at the intersection with the street Herzen erected well. Waste water will go into the street the Station and the new asphalt, echoed the then leader Vladimir UZHKH Kulichkov not hurt.

Today, the asphalt around the pit, said working on the site of communal failure, vskroyutsya around the perimeter fence (total area of about 20 square meters. Meters), then the ground and fell asleep again zaasfaltiruyut.

Waste of money
Road repairs without the organization of normal stormwater — wasted money — says Pavel berdchanin Lakiza.
On conducting this summer overhaul roadway outside Red Siberia, he said, in a year no one will remember — asphalt flood flow of rainwater, with the first frosts will crack. Pipes livnevki here covered with earth during paving. In place of the gutters, shows Paul, level surface.
— Where do you think, will the water? — Outraged him.
Natalia Zadorina. Photo by Natalia Zadorin
Source: KURER.SREDA.Berdsk

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