Robot forecaster: a day to learn any language

February 24, 2013 0:29

Humanoid robot iCub, over which for several years has a team of Peter Ford Dominey, now learned to understand human speech. And not only to understand but also to predict what will be said in the next second. This technological marvel is made possible by the development of technology "simplified artificial brain," which reproduces certain types of so-called "periodic" connections in the human brain.

Artificial brain allows the robot to learn. When he understands the meaning of the new proposal of a new grammatical structures for it, then be able to link two sentences together, and even predict the offer will end before it pronounced the way. It is particularly surprising speed — iCub analyze it in near real time. For example, the human brain processes information from the first words he heard suggestions and suggests what it will end. But the brain is constantly reviewing its forecasts based on the interaction between new information and pre-existing context — that is, has the ability to question and analyze. The area in the brain, where the connection of the frontal cortex and the striatum, plays an important role in this process.

Based on this study, Peter Ford Dominey and his team have developed "artificial brain" that uses "neurons construction", such as those that apply the human brain. Due to the construction of the so-called periodic artificial brain can understand the new proposal with the new grammatical structures.

This study has one more important — soon it will be possible to teach the robot language in one day.

"At present, engineers simply can not program the robot for all occasions and then make immense information. This is simply impossible, and, as our research shows, it is not necessary. Now we know that it is enough to begin to train an artificial brain, and he will continue training, as children do, "- explains Peter Ford Dominey.

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